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Great place to review products before you buy.

But Cnet, you could be better. Don't rest on your laurels. You need to make good, informed reviews of products. I don't want to hear your "opinions".


Leading Edge Company with fantastic products

But Apple charges way too much for their products and services.


The absolute best in the business.

UPS kicks butt. They are far and away better than the postal service and in my opinion, even better than FEDEX. I NEVER have a problem with them. They deliver on time and are always priced right. Their trucks are always clean and every employee that I've met are friendly, helpful and leave my products in a plastic bag to protect it from the weather.


Poor Sear's... they missed the bus.

Sear's stores in the U.S. look so sad and lonely. They really should fire their CEO and get someone who wants to upgrade and restock their stores. I used to buy almost everything at Sears, I even used their auto shops... but not anymore. They have gone way, way downhill and I don't know if they can be saved or not.


Better than Walmart

Clean stores. Great website. I had rather shop at Target than Walmart any day. They have an excellent return policy and good customer service and their variety of products is very good.


Oh, where to start....

Microsoft really needs to wake up and smell the roses. They provide products that have too many bugs in them that they have to fix, but remember, we have to pay for the product to begin with and then we have to also pay for the fix for the bugs in the products they sell. And for such a leading edge company, why do they continue to lag behind the competition? This company practically invented/created everything we use today in the computing world, so why are they such a sucky company? Customer service is lousy, products never meet expectations. It won't be long before Apple or some Chinese company kicks them to the curb.


Look here before you travel.

Great place to find out information, pictures and opinions about almost any place on earth. Go here BEFORE you travel and before you book a trip.


Good place to find almost any kind of music..

Itunes is a good place to find movies and music... but they charge too much for their stuff. And Itunes isn't the easiest site to navigate, so Apple really should look at making Itunes an easier place to use.


What happened to Dell?

Dell started out so strong and had great products and provided good customer service, but now they are just a so-so company with so-so products and terrible customer service. Having all of those government contracts won't keep your company afloat forever. Just visit any U.S. Governement facility and you will find Dell products on every desk. Why? Because Dell provides the lowest cost on the government's bid process. It doesn't mean Dell provides the U.S. Government a quality product because they don't, it just means they sell alot of lemons to the government. I know because I had to use their sucky products every day. Their hard drives were always crashing and locking up. And keyboards were always messing up to the point that if you called in for service on a keyboard, the techs would just bring you a new keyboard and toss the old one.


You can almost find anything you're looking for.

I fixed my Samsung T.V. thanks to people who posted on Youtube. That saved me a ton of money and the instructions they gave were simple and easy to follow. I had rather search Youtube for something or a product or information than I had Google.


Not as great as they think they are.

Google has a big head and they think they are the best of the best. They need to wake up and realize they are NOT the best. Google Mail absolutely sucks. I've seen Chinese websites that offer super mail with many options and Google only offers the bare minimum. I love Google Earth and Google Maps. I rarely use Google to search and they really should make their home page better. Come on Google, you're supposed to be an upbeat and cool company. Improve your mail and make Google the best. Are you really going to let the Chinese beat you?


Great... but not as great as they used to be.

A good place to buy and sell but I don't think they are as good as they used to be. They are slipping and they need to revamp.



Trustworthy. Makes online transactions secure and safe.



Best online company in the world. They are totally customer-oriented and I have NEVER had a problem with them. They have excellent products and their range of products is enormous.

BigbusTours Washington


We bought a 2 day pass. On the first day we took the last bus so that we could see the entire route of the red line. The taped narrative kept turning off and it never finished a description of a site. It would start telling us what we were seeing and then it would just stop. Often it wouldn't start again for many minutes (10-15 minutes). The driver hit every bump on every road. If you ride up top then be very watchful or you'll have your head taken off by low hanging tree limbs. Seriously.. watch out for this because if you don't, a tree limb will knock your head off.
The next day we took the bus again and got off at the Capital and we visited several musuems in that area. But we had to wait 45 minutes for a bus to pick us up when we left the Air and Space Museum. Pick up at the Lincoln Memorial was only a 20 minute wait. After getting on at the Lincoln Memorial we stayed on the bus until it got back to Union Station. This bus had a human narrator onboard and even though he was dressed and looked like a bum with his stringy long hair and his shirttail hanging out, his narration and knowledge of Washington D.C. and the things we were seeing was very good and his sense of humor was very good and he was friendly. But he looked like one of the homeless we had seen sleeping on a bench. This company is "so-so" and doesn't make very much of an effort. It's there and their attitude is kind of, "take us or leave us, we really don't care." The Old Town Trolley's (a competing company) seemed to pick up passengers much faster and all of their tours are human narrated.

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