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Citybase Apartments

Booked but not booked!

I booked & (thought I had) paid for an apartment so went onto making relevant arrangements accordingly, only to discover 3 days later that the apartment was not available after all.

25 September 2012

Reply from Citybase Apartments


Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am very sorry to hear that you encountered an issue with your booking. After investigation it appears on this occasion there was a communication issue with the supplier of the apartment you tried to book.

We are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you and extend the offer to personally assist you with any future bookings you may have.

Kind regards

Citybase Apartments


OMG what's not to love

Yes we all know cheap and nasty they're NOT!

But I own a vacuum & fan/heater (yes it's really both!) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

If I can POSSIBLY purchase something and dyson make it - I will buy it


Groupon UK

GroupOn = FAB - Merchants usually not so much!

I can't btch about Groupon as a company but nearly half the time the merchant has failed to delliver in some way so I no longer spew my earnings into them as I perhaps once did!

To be absolutely fair they DO always give you your money back & hopefully give the errant merchants a stern look


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site

Apart from having a wonderful writing style which is very readable & enjoyable, this whizz kid has saved millions of us millions!

I go through my weekly emails with a fine tooth comb & take immediate action where appropriate



Lack of personal customer interaction

What a joke the feedback system is!

I left FACTUAL feedback which simply stated the date on which I ordered my item & the date on which I received it

Threatening, abusive & aggressive emails ensued from disgruntled powerseller before said feedback was removed

So sod it - I won't bother any more

/toy throwing

Mr Memory

If the world worked like [Link] it would be a blissful existence

In our hit & miss (generally the latter) world of usually shabby at best customer service [Link] stand out as just about too good to be true!

Surpassing even [Link] & probably matching [Link] in their drive for customer satisfaction they could not do enough for me in my girl - like [Link].

When I inadvertently ordered an excess of memory my pleas for help were assisted in a personalised email from a HUMAN! (always a nice touch in this day & age of automated everything) who stated they were sorry to hear of my womanly woes & could they help before we chucked in the towel, pointing me in the right direction

When I rather predictably failed at putting my laptop together again they gave useful pointers as to where I 'may' (I had!) have gone wrong, and lo, my laptop was again in full swing

They accepted my return & gently reminded me where to find the returns label where I could return or FREE (niiice!) & no doubt I will soon receive my monies back without any fuss

I would DEFINATELY do business again with this company and will not pause for a moment to look anywhere else!


You really can't go wrong - lovely lovely love x

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