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Horrendous is an understatement!!!

If I could, I would give them negative stars. Never did I regret a decision as much as after I did after trying out easybus for the first time.

My family and I (six of us) took the easyJet flight, the as usual pleasant flight, from Munich to London Gatwick (South Terminal) on 23 May 2012 . The flight was scheduled to touch down in London at 18:10. Expecting the usual delay, I made a later reservation for 18:45 to be sure that we were assured a seat on the bus (as per the website).

We arrived promptly at approximately 18:40 at the bus stop at the South Terminal. A bus was there but we were not allowed to board and was told that there were people we are waiting for a much longer time. Although this was not in line with what was stated and written (probably legally binding) on easyBus reservation webpage, we decided to give in since we were reasonable human beings.

At 19;05, the next bus arrived. We were told that this was the delayed bus for 18:45 but since there is a traffic jam that day, they were only willing to pick up the passengers with tickets from 18:05 to 18:25. By now, there was a airport Marshal with us. He wanted to help us board this bus but the bus driver refused. Finally, there was only one empty seat and they took a passenger with a 19:05 ticket. The airport Marshal assured us that we would be the first to board the next bus. As such, we calmly waited. More passengers joined us at the bus station. The airport Marshal left shortly.

At 19:25, the next easyBus arrived. We were really happy and were prepared to board. The bus driver shouted at us and said no. He only wanted passenger with tickets for 19:25. We tried to explain the situation to him that we were not late and the earlier buses were delayed and thus we were told to board this next bus. Before we could finish our sentence, he was shouting at us saying that that was a bus for 19:25. He shouted loudly that if you wanted to take it, go to the easyBus ticketing office and changed our tickets. I attempted to explain once more but he decided to be insulting and sarcastic. He said really loudly in a sarcastic tone that If you could understand English, we should just go to the ticketing office. Of course, the statement was completely unnecessary and but I decided to keep my cool and asked him where the ticketing office was. He told us to go one floor up without even making any eye contact. We attempted to find the airport Marshal but unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found. We then asked a young lady who was stationed near the bus station. She told us that there was no easyBus ticketing office but we could try the easyJet one. However, since it is after 19:00, she was quite sure that all counters were closed.

We began to panic but there was nothing we could do but to run upstairs back into the Terminal to the easyJet counters. Of course, they were closed. We ran back to the bus station. In the meantime, my elderly parents were waiting for us at the bus station. Finally, our luck turned and a super nice bus driver was waiting for us with my parents. It was approximately 19:35 then. We told him what happened and he apologised profusely on behalf of his colleague. He was surprised by the ticketing office incident. Apparently, there was no such rule of changing tickets. That meant that the 19:25 bus driver was simply bullying us.

Of course, this incident completely spoilt our London vacation. My parents first impression of London was completely destroyed. I have written to easyBus and received a reply stating that complaints are rare and taken seriously. They implied they will send the driver for retraining after a full investigation. It is almost a week now and I am hoping to be updated about the result of their full investigation. Hopefully since complaints are rare, investigation can be carried out efficiently. In any case, the emotion distress that last throughout the 3 weeks European vacation is not something that simple apology will amend. WE WANT JUSTICE.

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