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Avoid and stay sane

Purchased a sink online on the Wednesday. Sink delivered Thursday all sounds good. On opening the sink nothing was secured in the box so the sink had been sliding about in the box hence a crease in the rim. I went to call the customer helpline only to find that because they sell items cheaper ( couple of quid) that it will cost me £1.53 per minute to tell them they have sent me faulty goods. I used the email which states a fast response ha ha and was told to send photos (so they think you complain for nothing). I did this and was told that I would have to wait for the manufacturer to send me another one in maybe 3 to 5 days. I pointed out in my reply that if they managed to get me one so quick why would I have to wait so long as they were showing that the sink was in stock on their website. They said that they do not stock every item on the site although it says they have them available. I have now waited for a replacement for six days and am still none the wiser although they say they have ordered one and putting the blame on another supplier. I have had no sink for four days now and will incur extra cost for the plumber to return to fit the sink. The email only service means that a day goes by every time you contact them and in fact one time I contacted them I did not get an update on the situation for four days. I have now told them to pick up the sink and shove it. I will get one from a local supplier. Guess I have learned a valuable lesson and from now I will only by online from companies that have a telephone line that does not make you pay for there mistakes or go to a local supplier as in the long run it is now costing me more and have the inconvenience of no sink to use.

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