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Nothing like a Big Mac every now and again

McDonald's have always been one thing to me: consistent. Regardless of where I have been in the world, the food is always of the same good quality. I don't understand why people post things, like "it's poison" and the like. We all cannot afford to eat an organic meal, hand prepared by a master chef, or have the time to make one, and at the end of the day, nobody is forced through the golden arches. It's a fast food outlet, and as they go it's the best. I have always found the food tasty and affordable. It's not a gourmet meal, but it is nice to have a big Mac now and again. The restaurants are always clean and well run, and the bathrooms are also of a good standard. The staff are prompt and even when there is a large queue, things always move efficiently. They have also the best menu, in terms of health choices and variation, than any other large fast food retailer. Personal choice is the key word, and McDonald's does make a fair attempt to accommodate everybody, and deliver them a good level of service and food that is always of a good quality.


The only place to buy music online.

I have used Itunes quite a lot, and I have to say they are still the best online music store out there, in terms of content and ease of use. They are nearly always ahead of everybody else. I have never had any problems with the customer service department, I downloaded an e-book whose sound quality was deplorable. I contacted Itunes and requested a refund, and within the day, they gave me back my money and apologised. For a large multinational online company, I think that is very impressive. Their podcast library, online book store, and apps are also miles ahead of anything else.


The best.

Thomann are hands down the best company to buy musical equipment from in Europe. Everything I have ordered from them arrived quickly and in perfect condition. They are very quick to respond to any e-mail queries. I think that a certain other German music store could learn a lot from them.


Could be better.

I have ordered several things from Musicstore.de and I have to say I have found them excellent in terms of being able to deliver the goods on time and always intact. I have even bought a few returned items from them at a discount and they always arrived and worked like new. My problem with this particular store, stems from the fact that they are primarily selling most of their goods online, yet they seem to have an e-mail department that is located within or close to a black hole, as you will never get a response. A friend of mine ordered a custom guitar (a PRS) from them and was willing to pay them 4,000+ Euro's for it. It was order by request, so he placed his order and heard nothing from them for about a week. He emailed them and guess what?.....He never got a reply. He cancelled his order after still waiting for quite some time, and simply bought the guitar somewhere else. I had a problem with a combo amp I bought from them (speaker cone cracked) and so I e-mailed them to find out if it was covered under the guarantee. I never heard anything back from them. A new speaker was quite cheap, and I didn't fancy sending the amp back any-ways, but I was still out of pocket and felt that they should have at least answered my question. I hope they sort out their e-mail department, or else they will begin to see a steady stream of people with minor complaints and unanswered questions, simply take their business elsewhere. I am cautious about purchasing from them, as I think it shows a certain amount of indifference to their customers when they don't bother to answer back.


All this could have been resolved with a simple e-mail.

I ordered a Must A3 scanner from Pixmania about 3 weeks ago (29th of May, I think). The product arrived on time, and when I setup the scanner to test it out, I discovered that it was defective. I contacted Pixmania and they offered to exchange it for a working version of the same scanner. I was happy to do this as it was the cheapest price I had seen that particular scanner at, and I wouldn't need it until this week anyway. Pixmania arranged for UPS to pick-up the package and return it to them. UPS collected the package last Tuesday (5/06/12) as arranged. I didn't hear anything back from Pixmania until this Tuesday, when I received an E-mail telling me they had received the package and indeed it was faulty, and were happy to send an exchange. I checked my account and it showed that the order for the replacement had been validated and it was awaiting shipping. I checked my account again Tuesday evening and it was still awaiting shipment. Checked it again Wednesday morning, afternoon, and evening, still awaiting shipping. I checked their website and the scanner was in stock, so I assumed they must have a backlog. Checked it again Thursday morning, afternoon, and evening, still awaiting shipping. Checked it this morning, and it was still awaiting shipping. I couldn't understand the delay and gave them a ring. I got through to their customer service department and the girl on the phone (who was helpful and nice), told me that the product was out of stock, and wouldn't be in stock till the 6th of July. At this point I have just requested my money back, and will probably order the scanner off Dabs.ie. I wouldn't have a problem with the whole story if they had just e-mailed me and said the scanner was out of stock. I needed the scanner to complete a project I am working on, and because of Pixmania's inability to manage their own stock lists, I have lost 3 days, in which I could have ordered it from somebody else, received it today, and finished what I am working on by Monday. To aggravate things, it is now Friday, I will have no hope of getting a scanner until Wednesday at the earliest. The fact that they seemed to be happy to let me wait on indefinitely, for something which wouldn't even be shipped until the first week of next month, without informing me about the situation, is an absolutely unbelievably uncaring attitude toward their customers. Up until now I have ordered several items from them without a hitch, apart from the delivery being a bit slow. I think that this is pretty amateur stuff from such a large company, and makes me think that they really don't give a damn about the guy who buys something small or not overly expensive. I have read horror stories about Pixmania before, and although this is nothing like some of the things I have read, I will be more cautious about buying something from their store in future, as let's be honest, internet shopping has been around for long enough, that you would this kind of fiddly back and forth stuff was a thing of the past.

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