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Easy to Buy, Hard To Choose.

The one flaw about shopping at Sunglasses Shop is that is are so many amazing sunglasses to choose from, so it's hard to choose! There are all sorts of prices points, the prices are reasonably and the quality of the sunglasses is fantastic. I finally picked out a designer pair, Georgio Armani in a a dove grey. And boom, in two days they were laying in wait on my doorstep. The quality of the frames is phenom, and I love 'em.


Google: What else is there?

Remember when Google was a search engine? Yeah me too. I loved it as that. Now that it's Facebook lite, and everything else, I'm a little confused. Does it favor it's own websites like YouTube in search results? Probably? Is it going to take over the world so resistance is futile? Most likely? Do I like the fact that its innovative and forward thinking? Most definitely.


Could be Better. Could Get Worse.

I used to LOVE Blogger. Now: eh, or meh. Horror stories abound on how blogspot can drop your blog, and you lose access to it. My experience is mixed, but mostly positive. There are some quirks to it, like all the time, but all in all, it is user friendly and easy to use. It's a great way to start blogging. Just cross your fingers that you don't need trouble shooting help- as I've never encountered any help from them.

That said, I have several blogs on Blogger and while I seasonally consider moving over to Wordpress, I stay with Blogspot. Perhaps some odd sense of loyalty, or laziness, I'm not sure. My advice: newbie? Start on blogger. It's not that bad.


Great Seeds!

I never thought to review Burpee seeds before but they sell a wide variety of a quality seeds at affordable prices. You can find them anywhere. And you can count of most of the seed germinating. Want success for your garden? Grow Burpee.


Find a suitcase that suits you.

Before there was Amazon, there was ebags- and you can find great travel bags and handbags and backpacks here. Quality and good prices. I got several of my travel bags from ebags, and am happy with what I got.


Dropbox Rocks

Dropbox was one of the first companies I knew of that offered up cloud storage. I find it a great way to share files with friends and family. Movies, pictures, music, even messages can be stored and shared safely on Dropbox. I recommend it to pretty much everyone I know. And now I'm recommending it to you, a stranger. Dropbox rocks. I said so.


On Target: Target's Got the Goods for You

Target is my guilty pleasure. I love shopping here. They sell affordable items, that I didn't even know that I needed until I saw it on their sales room floor. I love the clothing sections- they are one of the first companies to sell cool trendy clothing at affordable prices. They know even if you're working class you can still appreciate good design. It hits the spot.I love that. And I love shopping at Target.


The Anaconda of the Interwebs.

Amazon is big for a reason. You can pretty much find anything you need here, and get a killer deal. With the Markeplace guarantee, you are assured a money back guarantee if your order arrives defective or in an unsatifactory matter. Comforting when ordering from around the world. I rely on Amazon for household goods, electronics, camera equipment, shoes and clothing, books, and entertainment, everything but husband.

Quality Product. Easy to Order + Design. Fast Delivery. is easy to navigate and create your own designs on T-shirts, sweatershirts, whatever. I found it super easy to make a custom design for a hoodie, and was surprised by how fast the item arrived in the mail. No surprise was the excellent quality of the hooded zippered sweatshirt, as came highly recommended from a friend. Quality product, Reasonable prices and Fast Delivery. I give an all thumbs up to the whole experience.

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