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Average and inflexible, not responding to comments and provides old news.

I am using the online news service. The articles are good and ballanced. However, some of the news pieces are not replaced flor days and the selection of news items is very short,
I have sent my comments to BBC few times and have never received a reply, even an automated "thank you".


Good selection, but limits on delivery to some countries reduce the choice.

I am using amazon kindle and am happy with the device. I travel a lot and try to purchase books from different locations. Often my selection is unavailable in the country from which the order is placed.
I am receiving many e-mail messages with recommendations that are probably based on the computer assessment of my purchases. I would prefer to be able to set up a filter, which would allow me to narrow the suggestions to the specific areas of my interest.
In addition, during one of my travels, I have exceeded the credit card limit. I understand that my order was not delivered. However, I found it difficult to place an order using this same card after the card was available again and had to change the card to receive my books. I was unable to find my order, which was rejected when I tried to place it again.


Reasonable choice, but the delivery time could be better.

I am sure that the selection of products offered is carefully selected for the UK. However, I am using your services from other, mainly European, countries where the language barrier, regulations or local habits do not allow me to find what I would like to procure. I would like that my online pharmacy provides all that could be found in a well-stocked pharmacy in the UK and pharmaceutical products that could be found in the supermarkets. Perhaps living in Australia spoiled me too much.
The delivery within Europe could be better, as the goods do not need to go through the customs. I have placed my order last weekend and did not receive my order yet.

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