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Ordered a sofa and dining table online on May the 11th. Selected a delivery date for 2nd of June (just in time for the Jubilee celebrations).
My old furniture was removed on the 26th of May ready for the room to be decorated. My children were more than happy to sit on cushions for a week, I was not to sure.
Thursday the 29th of May I receive a call from Argos saying my items were not in stock, and could not be delivered until Sat. the 16th of June (just in time for fathers day). Friday the 15th of June I came home to half an automated message left on my answer phone from Argos, I phoned the to find out what the message was all about. I was told my order will not be arriving the next day, and they were not sure why.
After spending hours on the phone and countless pounds added to my phone bill, I finally spoke to a manager who one minute said that I had not revived my order this time due to a system error, then it was a stock error, than a system error oh and yes you've guessed it a stock error again. After my blood pressure had risen through the roof I was happy to wait the 24 hours while the system updated itself so that I could finally get some answers.
Not 2 hours later I receive a call from Argos to say that my order is in there warehouse, but there has been a system error. The whole order will have to be re ordered from today the 16th of June. I'm now wondering how long I will have to wait as it's been 37 days already.

Since my last update Argos have phoned me to say my items got lost in the system but are in stock. It has now been put through as another order. This morning a over bubbly wench called Lynn a customer service manager phoned to say Mrs Strong your order can now be delivered to you on July the 7th (that will be a total of 58 days since I placed the order). Before I swore at her I told her I'm taking this further it's not good enough and I hung up. I now actually do not have a delivery date. But there is no way I'm waiting for 3 weeks......I'm getting very angry!!!!!!!!

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