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Value for money

On the occasions I have used them, the company has always delivered promptly and to my satisfaction. Their prices are good and can sometimes offer goods I have not found elsewhere or at a better price.


Does what the initials stand for.

I have always found them to be efficient and helpful. The site offers things not always available on the High street. The items are always described fully although sometimes one has to wait for sizings to be discussed, by which time some items have sold out! Returns are always dealt with promptly. I like the chance to purchase some items over several months. The only downside is the postage cost, especially when I do have to return an item.


Helpful & informative

I find it useful to look at this site just to get a feel for the place and background information. Whilst remembering that not everyone's tastes & expectations are the same, it is still good to get an overall view. Especially good when the owner of the site responds to comments.



I nearly always get mad when I shop here. Items priced wrongly or unavailable. Long queues, especially when I have only a few items. The dreaded self-serve tills ( I am not getting paid to do the same job as the other till servers.) These tills never work properly, taking twice as long as normal ones. On the other tills why can't people move away to the window area to pack their bags instead of holding up everyone else - this system works perfectly well in Aldi where I hardly ever queue more than 2 mins! Aisles blocked by shoppers and staff re-loading shelves. Queues at the petrol station because only one kiosk is open even at peak times (though sometimes there are 2 staff chatting in the one kiosk.). Queues at the returns desk with only one person manning the post. Often no baskets at the entrances - ad infinitum!


Fascinating site

Whenever I trawl this site for something specific I always get side tracked by similar items. I have seen some fascinating footage which I would not otherwise have seen.


Helpful shopping, quick & easy

I find it interesting trawling ebay for items, often the only place they are available and at low prices.
Have only had good experiences with all the sellers I have dealt with.


Efficient no problem pay

Having used Paypal many times I have always found the experience to be efficient and problem free. You know you are protected.


Efficient service

I have ordered several items form Amazon and all have been despatched quickly. When I had one problem item then Amazon tracked my email so that I could sort it out with the company.


Value for money

The toothbrush heads were depicted as being the same as Braun as they fit the Braun toothbrush. I found the bristles a little softer and they do not fill the whole head as in the braun. However, they do the same job of cleaning and for the price they are excellent value. I would recommend them.

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Can't stand being "ripped off". I like value for money & will recommend anything good. I like bargains but will spend on quality too.