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Perfect online site!

I have shopped on VS for almost 2 years now and have bought almost everything they offer, returned and refunded some of it.

I have never had any problems receiving a shipment, it was always fast.
Same with refunds, where easy to handle and quick with refunding the money.
Exchanges were also handled very quickly and accurately.

Once i have written them an email and asked them if they would be able to refund my initial shipping costs, which came to 25$. I have spend aloooot of $ at this website, and i must tell you that they were not able to refund my shipping, but they did send me an online gift certificate, worth 25$.

I could not be happier with their customer service, their sizing and quality!



Placed an order 3 days back, had a coupon for free shipping, ordered 215$ worth of merchandise, got an email today saying i owe 60.60$ for package to be dispatched for import charges. There was NO word about this while i ordered my stuff.

WTF thats almost 30% extra!!!! I HAD TO PAY!!!

wish i would have read these reviews earlier, guess i cant expect Customer service to answer me. or to cancel it. F@@@! if i would have known that ..... i would have bought some expensive brand here in the us instead of paying for ridiculous shipping costs.
Cant say nothing about the items, they wont get here until i decide to pay.

PS, how can it go up to 60.60$, i know germany only charges what their regular tax is, which would be 19%. not the 30% the US wants. PLUS it is clothing merchandise which isnt taxed in PA! Someone able to explain this for me please? wish there was a law against them charging 0$ for shipping but then coming up with 60 :(


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