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always have problems

i always have problems with u guys


does not work fast all the time

i love google but your speed is missing some times



you can always count on amazon



the best thing on the internet is you tube


pressure on using your card

i don;t want to use this way of paying and don't like how you force it on people remove me pl

Global Eyeglasses

this is getting old i have to return again

ist off these are the wrong prescription it seems their are lines i get progressive and they are NVF please look at my prescription again, then after quite a few e mails on the sunglasses i ordered you suggested the dark grey tint so i was charged an extra $5.o00 for that and again many e mails back and forth on this and what do i get?????? are you ready for it? the light grey tint, you must be joking please read all the e mails for this , so now again i have no glasses.

Wrong prescription on all 3 and the sunglasses need to be dark grey not light grey.

i am now requesting a free label from you to return these. and then when i get my full credit i will re order again and hopefully for the last time for now.

i am also waiting on a credit from a long time ago that i am sending you separately. I have been doing business with you for a long time and please help me get this correct.

i also don't understand why the glasses fit loosely? they can fall off if i put my head down please reply on this also.

i need a reply on this whole e mail so plz send me the free label so you pay for the shipping this time and i will send them right back i already have it packed and ready to go , thanks you and a good day to you

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