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Amazing clothes - amazing service

Ordered from here countless times - always good discounts, fast delivery and fast returning money - would definitely recommend!

Csl Furniture

Worst sofa i've ever had!!

Bought our sofa in August 2011 with the premium insurance and it came to around £1100 for a corner sofa - had to call out the technician after 6 months due to it creaking and I was in utter shock when he took it apart to fix it!! Extremely cheaply made, not what you expect for over a grand!! All the joints recently completely went on the sofa - was told to pay £47 before the call out which would be refunded if CSL were in the wrong. Luckily they were otherwise they would have hell to pay. My parents and grand parents sofas from DFS have lasted years and years with not a single call out and i've had mine just over 2 years and had about 4 different problems! We fluff all the pillows and don't sit in the same spaces and its still flat as a pancake! If we have to call out the repair man again I will be going to Trading Standards so for their sake lets hope my sofa makes it!

UPDATE - Told to email them in regards to problem and still no reply! Obviously writing that response to make out on Trustpilot they are helping. DON'T SHOP AT CSL!

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11 December 2013

Reply from Csl Furniture

Good morning,

I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment on this occasion. Please could you send me your details and/or reference number so that I may look into this for you? My email address is:

Kind regards,
Bryan Clapham
Online Engagement Specialist


Not even worth 1 star. I am disgusted.

To cut an extremely long story short I am absolutely mortified that this company has not been shut down yet. 'Live chat' yeah right!! About as live as Siri is on the iphone you absolutely jokes. I was naive enough to book again with these jokers after Yodel didn't pick up my parcel twice, and history has repeated itself as I am sat here after booking a SECOND collection and still no van to be seen. AVOID COMPLETELY!!! I have written a very long winded letter to them and awaiting a reply. Oh and if you do have problems be prepared to NEVER receive a refund and for them to off you £2.50-£5 off your next order. HA! SHAM!

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Couldn't ask for better service!

Extremely fast delivery, best price on the market I bought a Yale Large Safe bought for £70 everywhere else looking at £90-£110 so very chuffed. Great product and brilliant service, definitely recommend!!


Use alot but unhappy with one experience

I bought a tshirt from Ebay from a seller in Italy, never arrived, the seller kept telling me to wait and I waited so long (emailing this seller EVERY 5 days) it went over the time limit to open a dispute on paypal...

Opened a case on ebay, asked for tracking number for the guy, the guy replied pretending he had a tracking number, literally wrote 01234567 so ebay thought he had given it to me but actually just wrote 'there is nothing i can do'...

Ebay closed the case saying i couldnt have my money back. Really wasnt happy i buy so much through them, dont use as much now as I am worried incase i do buy more items if they dont arrive i wont get my money.


Confusing but good product!

Order first time from Spartoo about 2 weeks ago, order UK10 and UK 9.5 came, no problem with returning, but when i returned obviously me thinking they meant US sizes (and common sense) I then put in to order UK10.5 hoping a 10 would arrive. Unfortunately size UK10.5 but luckily they fit my boyfriend and we couldn't be bothered returning them again as we needed them for our holidays. A bit confusing as i wasnt going to order UK10 again just incase they just sent back the wrong size. Good product though, fast delivery.

09 July 2012

Reply from Spartoo

Hello Bethany,

I have taken a closer look into your customer account. I'm very sorry to hear that you have not received the correct item and I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

So that our services may look further into the matter and determine exactly why you received the wrong item, it would be extremely helpful for us if you could provide us with a bit of additional information. If possible, can you please tell us the following:

1. Please look on the parcel and try to find either a blue or orange sticker. On this sticker should be a barcode and, underneath this barcode you'll find a small code that starts with the letter M. Can you please provide us with the code that starts with the letter M (ex. M3615785)?

2. Please look on the shoe box and tell us what brand, style, size, and colour is listed for the product you received.

3. Please tell us exactly what was in the shoe box itself (style, colour, brand, etc.).

This information will help us determine what happened with your order: if the warehouse made a mistake in the preparation of your order or there is an error in our stock or with the photograph on the website.

I'd like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding regarding the matter, and I apologise once again for the inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Katie, Spartoo Customer Service.


Changed my mind!

Originally ordered quite alot in March, all arrived in a tatty, smelly bag, items were fine but I couldn't keep them due to how they had arrived I was really offended. Received a response and refund quite fast, got 10% discount but was still put off, but thought i'd give them another chance as all my friends use Missguided and swear by it. Ordered 3 more items and they were perfect all nicely packaged and I was a very happy customer. Waiting for 2 more dresses so hopefully these will arrive like my 2nd packages, and they changed my mind as I am now a returning customer! Do not judge the website by these comments, I had a big problem on my first order but since I have been very pleased

25 June 2012

Reply from Missguided

Hi Bethany,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the issues you had with with your previous order, I can assure you that we will have investigated the issues raised with this order as we would never expect any of our items to be received in this condition and for that I am sincerely sorry.

We are delighted to hear that you have returned to us and I can only thank you for taking the time to post your comments. We always welcome any customer feedback as it helps us maintain the high standard that we always aim to achieve.

If you should ever have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Thank you once again.

Best wishes,

Pippa xx

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