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Customer for 10 years and have seen it all

I've been renting DVD's via the post for over 10 years. It's been so long I can't even remember the name of the first company. I think it was called PowerIsland DVD, who not long after I suscbribed to them sold out to Tesco in 2004. There was a few problems with the website, but there was no major concern.

Then LoveFilm took over running the service on behalf of Tesco. After that problems started to creep in more and more, such as, the lack of Universal film titles due to a disagreement with costs, not being able to review films, changes in subscription costs with no communication. I stayed though because I mainly got sent the films I wanted and always received them promptly. PLUS, I was able to take an 'account holiday' for times when I was on holiday. The problem with LoveFilm was that they could never be bothered to communicate with customers via the website and they seemed to give up on the brand.

So, when Amazon took over I thought things could only get better, the complete oppposite happened. I could no longer change my subscription and the website for the rental DVD section was impossible to navigate.

All the indications are in my opinion is that Amazon do not care about the postal service and want us to sign up to the streaming service so that we sign up to Prime. Well I don't want to Amazon and the way you have treated a 10 year customer in the space of a few months means that I never will.

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First time customer and will shop there again!

These guys are great! They provide a service that the big companies cannot. Not only do they provide what seems like an endless amount of products and many demostration video's, but they also provide support for those tiny detail questions you may have and that help you make a purchase with confidence.

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