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Dårlig kundeservice/horrible costumer service!!!

I have just experienced the worst costumer service ever from!!!!!

first i chatted with a guy for more than an hour to get information about a product, that was just fine even though it took long and the information i recieved was in swedish...

BUT afterwards i decided to buy the product, which i couldn't, så i had to contact customer service again!!! this time it was a new guy, who was extremely rude! I asked him why i couldn't buy it in which he responded "it's sold out"... i had been talking to costumer service for an hour whitout him mentioning that it was sold out, and it didn't say anything on the website....

But i wanted the product, so i asked "well, will it be back?" to which he responded "i don't know, i think so... but i can't tell you when" i was astonished by this!!! i have tried getting a product for an hour and a half!!! just to be told that it might come back!!! this is some Bullshit, . Fuck you!!!!

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