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Just outrageous

Rule #, I should always listen to my gut feelings and trust my instincts (which I did not do in this case).
I read several reviews about dressespro, some good, some bad.
Now here's my story! I ordered two dresses for my brother's wedding, a short cocktail dress for the rehearsal dinner and an evening gown. Both were custom made. I am very tall (6'2) and it is very hard for me to find dresses that are long enough or fit in proportion. If a dress has a real waistline, usually it is on my ribcage - I am simply tall.

I gave them exact measurements, more than one usually would (e.g. distance collarbones to top of my "boobs"/distance to the bottom; measured from the side armpit to waist).

The dresses arrived on time about two weeks prior to the wedding which would be enough time to do minimal alterations. I tried on the short dress first and it fit like a glove. I was happy. Then I put on the evening dress and my bubble burst.

The evening dress (a one-shouldered, sweetheart neckline, then empire like) appears to be way easier in construction than the fitted short dress, however it is completely messed up.

But first things first... I put on the dress and it's long enough - wow, they got one thing right.

I then walked to the mirror. First thing I noticed (the dress shows a lot of my back) that the part of the one-shoulder strap sticks out, there is an excess of fabric of 2.5 inches. The dress is low cut. But the execution is so poorly that inside flips out and shows my butt crack. So that's what I noticed first. I took pictures of my back with my phone, which was hard to do but at least it displayed the problem at the shoulder and bottom.

Let's remember, the other dress fits perfectly. Two orders that arrived at the same time - one fits, the other one is a disaster. So I wrote a complaint and the answer is so ridiculous, I almost have to laugh about it:

Glad to receive your e-mail,
Thanks for your picture to show the problems and sorry to hear that you do not satisfied with the dress,
We make the dress in the exact size you give us, and before we send the dress to you, our quality department have recheck the dress for several times, if the size is wrong, we couldn't send it to you,

But the dress is still not fit you well, we also feel very strange with this, so sorry for this, till now we do not know whether it is our fault or not ,but we are willing to fix the problem for you . how about to find a local tailor to fix the problems? , it is easy for them, then after alteration, the dress will fit you better. we will also give you 10% discount for the compensate,
How do you think about this?
Wait for your reply,
Best wishes."

So somebody please answer this for me... My measurements were exact, which the short dress shows. So obviously, it isn't my fault. They say, they don't know if it was their fault or not. Then whose fault is it? The Holy Ghost's? Santa's? I mean ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

And BTW, 10 % discount would be round about 13 Euros (that's about 16,50 $). So maybe in China it is possible to get stuff altered for 16 $. In Germany I can barely get my pants hemmed for 13. This is ridiculous.

So at first I never realized that there is an issue with the dress at the front, something that can't exactly be altered easiely or if at all. So my neighbor was kind enough to take pictures of me and after they replied to me for the first time I already announced I would send more pictures.

So while I was upset about the back I never looked closely at the front. So yesterday I had also to realize that the cussion on the side of the shoulder is higher than the other and it looks like my boob on the side of the strap is higher than the other one. it isn't a real sweetheart neckline and probably THAT problem wouldnt have occured if they wouldnt have placed rushing over that side - you can see it better if you compare the pic of the original dress.

Yesterday I sent them an e-mail with all these pictures and I told them that this is NOT a question about size or measurements. This is a question of poor execution and 10% won't get me anywhere. I want to return the dress (oh yeah, the website says you can't).

Now I wonder how they can argue that it is a size or measurement problem from my side, IF as you can see, the other dress fits perfectly. I still haven't heard back from them.

My brother is getting married next week. What am I gonna wear? NO clue. I am a student, i don't have money flying around.

I want my money back. But that probably isn't going to happen.

So this company is hit and miss. As you can see with my order. One good, one horrible.

I would not recommend this company to anyone.

21 June 2012

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Dear Sari Bee,
This is Jane from the
I am sorry that you suffered the mess when shopping with us. We are always trying hard to give our customers the best product and service. I'm afraid there'a some misunderstanding. Our customer service will contact you and make up for all the trouble we brought to you.
I hope we can come up to a favorable solution to this.
Best Regards

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