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not impressed

you cannot buy without a card but the card is useless. Every time they send me something at my name I receive the same catalogue within 2 days via publicity post. They do NOT send birthday vouchers to all their card holders every year (despite what they tell you in the shops!!) and I have had the card 8 years and never got a voucher. They are wasting the planet creating useless cards and it is that kind of company that should get looked into when talking about saving the planet

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They are meant to specialise in plus size but I actually end up having to buy bigger clothes as their sizing is so wrong. it is expensive too

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good service, good prices

Always good to know when your delivery will be in so you dont wait at home all day for it. Very good service, very good products and great prices. Cannot wait for more shops to open!

T Mobile

what a bunch of incompetent people

I am only staying because of the deal I am on that cannot be beaten elsewhere. As soon as they say they cannot carry it on then I'll leave happily. They are rude and arrogant!

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always had a good service

I am happy with the services I have received so far. The cards always look very nice and people are impressed when they get it as it is so personnal. Thank you


nothing is easy with them

They'd rather have a laugh amongst themselves than tell the passengers why they have been delayed 2 hrs so far in a hot country! They do not offer drinks whilst you wait as that would be too nice!! Avoid them!

John Lewis

good service

ordered online and got a next day delivery free on a saturday to the waitrose of my choice. very handy and good quick service.


Dont have a clue people!!!

They don't have a clue about customer service. Takes them 3 men and 3 visits to install broadband. Then they disconnect you and cannot reconnect so just send you some new boxes. When you want to disconnect get told to just dispose of the boxes yourself so not eco friendly at all. took 3 calls to actually arrange for something to be done re the boxes and I am not convinced it has been done yet. But they keep calling to try to keep me! They are a bunch of monkeys.


They do not know what customer care mean

They are using a third party for their property management and they really do not care about tenants. I am looking to purchase a house but they are the last estate agent I would use. I am having unnecessary stress because of those people. Would tell everyone to keep away. Also they don't have a clue about showing houses around to potential buyers, they seem to be more worried about what they look like!!

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Poor service

I had problems with a pushchair twice in 6 months, ended up returning it in a shop and was given a rubbish stroller whilst they ordered a new pushchair for me. Their delivery policy is 4 working days which I think is very long and on top of it I was never told when the product arrived and had to call on the delivery day that the shop had told me. For all I know it was there earlier and nobody bothered telling me. Not impressed at all

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Mazuma Mobile

good fast service

The website is easy to use, received the return envelop the next day and returned it. I did it as recorded delivery to get sure it got there and the next day they emailed to say it was received and another email to say it was checked and the cheque was in the post. I got it the next day! Very impressed with the speed. Will definitely recommend.

I have used it again and asked for Argos voucher, the only things is that it could be just printable voucher or bar code voucher as opposed to a card that will end up in the rubbish, not very eco friendly

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