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Very good and fast but £1 charge for using a debit card???

In my opinion if someone wants to charge you for using a debit card, it's as good as going to a shop, buy something for a tenner pay cash and then get charged for using that cash.
That's just silly.


Company's reputation went down hill and customer service with it!!!

Words can't express how disappointing I am with Myprotein. It used to be my No. 1 choice when it came to protein powder and some of other supplements and I kept recommending it everywhere to everyone who asked me where to get the best value for money but NOT ANYMORE. I've been using the site for more than a couple of years, so can compare the difference between their customer service then and now. I first experienced problems with my orders about 4 months ago when I ordered Impact Whey 5kg which first of all didn't arrive at all and after I gave them a call they sent me a Milk protein 2.5kg. By then I was so desperate for protein that I just let it be (I had no other bad experience until then after all). Then I ordered the same again in December and my order was sent to my previous address where I no longer live. After a conversation with them on the phone they checked everything and apologised with saying that they've just installed a new computer system, etc., and offered me a refund which I accepted. When I said it was second time in two consecutive orders they had problems on their side I was assured that it would not occur again and that I shouldn't lose my trust in them. Fine.... Third time lucky?!.... I placed another order and they sent me an email with an Order Confirmation sheet which stated my current address as billing and delivery address. At last, I thought. NOPE! They sent it to my previous address again and this time I was seriously unhappy (and still am) as they told me that I've put in my previous address for delivery address even though I told them in numerous conversations and emailed them in numerous emails the confirmation of my order that they have previously emailed to me. Then they emailed me a Non-Receipt of Goods disclaimer form which I filled in and signed and emailed it back to them. The same weekend I got an email saying that they can resend my order for additional £8.60- WHAT A DISGRACE! I WILL CERTAINLY NOT BE ORDERING FROM THEM AGAIN AS I REALLY DON'T HAVE MONEY JUST TO SPLASH! I was their customer for a long time but word LOYALTY MEANS NOTHING TO THEM. Well, be it! There's many other companies online that do very good quality protein for very similar price and look after their customers much better which can be seen on their ratings even here, on Trustpilot.

26 March 2013

Reply from Myprotein UK & Ireland

Hi Michal,

Please check your emails as I have emailed you.

Thanks Jeanette

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