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Secure Redmine hosting with excellent support

I could have easily set up Redmine on my own server. The reason I chose planio is that I want personal support and I do not want to care about maintaining and securing a software that is not within my core business.

While the documentation about certain Redmine features is sparse, it is the planio support that makes the difference. Emails are answered within a few hours and answers are on topic instead of the usual prepared messages some support centers use.

planio's integration of git and svn is superb. It is, besides support, the main reason why I chose planio. git integration is key to successful project management if you're a web or software developer.

What would I like to see improved?

I think the handling of email dropbox responses could really be improved. Cutting off quoted text in email replies did not work well so far. Basecamp did a much better job in handling this.

While I would not want to miss the personal support, I would like to see more documentation and tutorials (short screencasts) on how to set things up. planio has already started tackling this issue in part by setting up a blog with informational posts. In general setting things up is the hardest part, Redmine has a lot of options and you really need to understand how Redmine works to make full use of its features. This is where I would like to see more documentation.

Starting with Redmine on planio could also be improved if some options had better presets (especially email notifications and templates) or were already configured in a way that makes sense for most uses. A demo project would also help to grasp some concepts and to see Redmine in action. To be fair though, planio already has a small introduction to the interface built in.

In general, please stay close to your customers needs, it is the main reason why I left Basecamp. They were not willing to improve and grow with their customers. Talks with them were frustrating because often they did not acknowledge the needs of customers who have a growing business. Their newest version dropped German language support while it was already present in the earlier version.

Regarding mobile support, there is RedminePro for iOS, maybe you could buy the app or hire the developer and improve upon it. This app is a nice start but it has not yet the quality that I would expect from a professional app.

In general I haven't seen better commercial Redmine hosting than what planio offers.

Keep up the good job!

21 June 2012

Reply from Planio GmbH

Thank you very much for your kind words. I have just passed this on to my colleagues in customer support.

Your suggestions are great - exactly the kind of feedback we are looking for.

Regarding the quoted e-mail responses, I would appreciate if you could send us a quick e-mail to support@plan.io next time this happens so we can have a look.

Documentation and tutorials are high on our roadmap. You may have read in the blog, my colleague Brian recently joined the team to do exactly this. So there will be more to come in the near future.

Should you have any specific suggestions regarding the e-mail notifications and templates you mention, I'd appreciate a quick e-mail (to support@plan.io is fine) to learn about your ideas.

Last but not least, we're currently working on mobile. There will be improvements in the near future. Until then, we have had great success with the RedmineApp (http://getredmineapp.com/). Maybe you'd like to give it a try!

Again, thank you very much for taking the time for your review.

Jan Schulz-Hofen

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