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I've used SpamFighter Pro since December of last year. Initially, it worked fine. However, a few months ago I encountered two significant problems that remain unsolved.

1) Periodically, I lose the SpamFighter Pro toolbar which causes two problems: 1a) the program no longer filters 'blocked' domains, and 1b) I can't block 'new' spam.

NOTE: At this point, I haven't been able to resurrect SpamFighter Pro, despite following the documented procedures.

2) On both my system and my wife's, the SpamFighter 'folder' sometimes multiplies the 'identical' eMail (i.e. same date and time). When the eMails were highlighted and then deleted, the eMails multiply further: My wife's SpamFighter folder once exceeded 31,000 (yes, thousand) eMails. I was eventually able to delete these eMails, but I presently have 4,300.

ATTEMPTS TO FIX: I've been in contact with the U.S. tech support but have not been able to resolve. I've also posted my problem on SpamFighter's internet site and tried the recommended fixes to no avail.

I've also paid several hundreds of dollars with outside remote services to determine whether or not I have a virus or trojan in both systems and neither of the two services that I've used have found anything to stop my problem.

Interestingly, SpamFighter does not allow their technical staff to remotely access my computer to help find a solution. And neither their U.S. support group nor their internet-based support group ever attempts to find out whether their fixes worked.

26 June 2012

Reply from SPAMfighter

Hi Neil,

First of all I’m sorry that you got issues with SPAMfighter

Actually we just released a new version yesterday of SPAMfighter, that should fix your issues, is it possible that you could download the latest version of SPAMfighter (7.5.147) and see if that solved you problem? – You can download it here:

If you still got problem I’ve arrange that you can contact the Support manager directly Richard @

But please try and update to the latest SPAMfighter version it should fix your problems

Let us hear if that fixed your problems

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