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Overclockers UK

Fantastic service through the forums!

I have had a really good experience with this company, deliveries are always well packed and on time and the support through their forums is second to none. Add that to the extended satisfaction guarantee, they really do provide a great retail experience which stands out from the rest.

Systo UK

[See edit] A truly awful experience, no respect for the law regarding consumer rights or customer loyalty

I ordered a graphics card, and while it came in due time there was an issue. The card they sent me was actually a version 2 model of the card, and this would not work with the version 1 model I had. On their website, they had titled the item as a version 1 card would be titled, with no "V2" in the name (even on the graphics card's manufacturers website they make this distinction between titles and versions). The only way I could have known this before ordering would have been to look at the "memory bus" specification on the website, which I didn't do because the title implied it was a V1 card. Had the title had V2 in the title i would have investigated compatibility/specifications.

I contacted Systo, but they refuse to let me return the item as it has now been unsealed/used. I informed them that under the Distance Selling Regulations I am allowed to return the item, new or used, as long as I inform them within 7 days of receiving the product (which I have already done). I also informed them that I had called the Trading Standards Institute, who told me that it was my consumer right to be able to return the product (I explained the complete situation to them), and this was under UK Law, and they logged that I had an issue with Systo, in case I need to take this further. Kamil (the employee I have been liasing with) tells me that I am not complying with some conditions of the DSR and therefore they have the right to refuse a return, yet has not complied with my request to tell me what these conditions are, and simply refuses to tell me under which part of the DSR they are not letting me return my product. I suggest they read up on the law regarding consumer rights and tell me what article or statement of legislation they are rejecting my wish to return the item by, because at the moment they are currently breaking the law. Absolutely disgusted, the only review I have ever felt the need to write about a company.

Edit: After having continued e-mail correspondence with Systo, they have agreed to let me return the item. I would buy from them again as they can be cheap, just make sure you check all the specifications of the product you are buying as mine was labeled incorrectly. I still wished they had cared for keeping me as a customer, as what happened was not completely my mistake, but at least I am getting a refund.

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