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Emirates Now My Preferred Airline...

Having worked in the Oilfield I have flown with most of the major carriers all over the world. Now I'm working in the dive industry and I travel quite frequently as well with most of my trips being between Egypt and South Africa.

Based on my last two long haul flights, the service and professionalism of Emirates staff has topped any other Airline I have ever flown with and I now make a point of booking with Emirates even when a cheaper carrier is sometimes available. Admittedly I have has some issues with call centre staff but nothing to put me off.

I'm flying from Egypt to South Africa again in 5 days and I'm actually looking forward to the trip rather than dreading it (as I used to in the past), which I consider as a great indicator of the quality Emirates delivers.

I hope this quality continues and with my travel destinations expanding this next year I hope Emirates carries me to most of them!


False Advertising And Wrong Items Shipped

I ordered a pair of C4 Footpockets size 43/44 (for 80 EUR and an additional 9.4 EUR shipping) from this site and clearly specified (in their automated form) which size I needed. They ended up sending me the smallest size available (38/39) which was a pathetic oversight and unnecessary waste of time and shipping costs. Order placed 7 April. The return was easy enough but it took ages to get as far as hearing that the replacement pair was ready (still did not have the replacement by the 1st of June and I am no longer in country so have no idea if they were ever delivered).

The site specified that the footpockets don't come with an assembly kit (screws) which I understood, but the image in the product description clearly shows it at least comes with the laces. Diveinn now refuse to send me even that blaming their supplier for not providing them with laces in addition to which they argue I could buy a WHOLE kit (screws, laces etc) at an additional 25EUR. These footpockets are useless without the laces. Equivalent to selling shoes without laces and selling the laces at an additional cost. I will now have a pair of 80EUR footpockets which I can not use because they do not have the laces.

Site claimes 100% Satisfaction guaranteed - absolutely false.

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