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Worst Company I have Ever Dealt With

I don't want to spend any more time on this, but will give a short explanation as to why I hate GAME with such a passion.

I just purchased a game from them which was priced £5.00 more expensive in their shop than it was on their website. As anyone else with half a braincell would do - I asked for a price match at the counter. The response I got was almost bullying... I had the one guy on the till telling me how he couldn't do that and then he was joined by his boss who went on to patronise me with a handful of lies about how the website and the stores were in no way linked, and then went on to lecture me on how there are no companies out there that price match their own websites. Sure enough, your average Joe may believe this, however I'm an online sales manager and can tell you that is absolute rubbish... It is very good practise for a business that has both branches and a website to treat it's customers fairly. If a customer asks for a discount from a store price as a website price is less, then it should in no way be refused... That would otherwise be classed as bad customer service.

But this was just the start...

I then went to raise the issue with their customer service team via email. I was designated Georgina C. as my customer service member. I explained the situation and received an email back that greatly insulted me. She told me how they aren't able to price match their website as the store members had also said, and went on like the others, lecturing me on online sales.

I responded to this in a slightly 'angrier' state as she had genuinely insulted me. I had two emails follow the first, and each time the same things were said - We can't offer any help and we don't price match.

Then, this afternoon I got another email. This time she told me it was written in their terms and conditions that they do price match, not only with their own website, but also HMV.

Ok... So in a nutshell, I was lied to by 3 members of the GAME company, told their was no way a price match could be offered which is why I went ahead and paid £5.00 more than I should have done, only to be told about 2 weeks later that a price match could have occurred, but as I had already gone ahead and bought the game from them, there was nothing they could do.

I mean really?! Not even a £5.00 voucher as compensation for the abysmal customer service I received? I shouldn't have even paid the £5.00 in the first place...

Let this be a lesson to anyone wanting to buy from GAME. They rip you off in store, lie to your face, con people into believing they are getting a bargain, and when **** does hit the fan, they blame you.

I will never be using GAME again, and I wouldn't advise anyone else to either. If you want to purchase games online cheaply and quickly, go to

You guys should be ashamed.

*I would also like to add that they told me over and over again in their emails ; and I quote - 'At GAME we pride ourselves on our professionalism and service and we constantly strive to improve the levels of service we provide to our customers.'

Tell me how that statement is in any way true in this situation? It's a complete mockery. Furthermore, every single email I got back from them took over 1 week to receive. How is that a good level of service, especially when your automated email response to customer services says that we should hear back within 24 hours...

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