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Frustrating, annoying and expensive to call customer services. Request copies of renewal letter despite supplying it twice then copies of driving licences. Bizarre!

I’m feeling frustrated and annoyed at having to contact autonet’s customers service at an exorbitant cost of 10 pence a minute - plus my network connection charge - to sort out their own incompetence and apparent system failures!
Today I received a letter by recorded delivery stating that my car’s policy would be cancelled in 7 days as I’ve failed to provide proof of my no claims bonus. This is despite twice emailing my previous insurer’s renewal notice!
The first occasion was in response to a text a week after the insurance started. I went into the library scanned the letter and emailed it to
I never received an acknowledgement and five days later received a letter requesting a copy of my renewal letter. I again emailed the requested letter. In almost 40 years of driving I’ve never had to produce evidence of my no claims as I understood insurance companies exchange this information between themselves.
And today when I eventually got through to customers service – I was hold for 10 minutes, so they got another quid out of me - she confirmed that they had details of my renewal letter on file and the letter requesting “Proof of No Claims Bonus” was a ‘standard letter’ and what they wanted was a copy of my driving licence!
I pointed out that there was no mention of a driving licence in the letter. She then stated that they also wanted a copy of my 75 year old mother’s driving licence as she is a named driver. She said they wanted copies of both sides of the licences.
There are no personal details on the paper counterpart I again phoned as I wished to clarify and complain about the hassles and what I felt was an erroneous request for mine and my named drivers’ licences. I was on hold for 11 minutes (£1.10) and then 8 minutes (80pence) being told that there was a problem with the ‘standard letters’ that was being resolved and that they did indeed want copies of the counterpart (paper) driving licences and the plastic ones! Seemingly this is now required by the underwriters from many policy holders.
I’m feeling that I’ve not been told the truth and I have no confidence in a company that requests a copy of my renewals letter but states that what they wanted was copies of mine and my named drivers driving licences. If there is a problem with the letter’s template change it or score out the “Proof of No Claims Bonus” and insert driving licence!
My concern is that if I hadn’t phoned customer service – at a cost to myself of £4 – and simply responded to the letter and emailed my renewal letter (for the 3rd time) they would have cancelled my insurance and then I would have had problems when it came to obtaining future insurance because of the declaration ‘have you ever had insurance cancelled, declined or refused’!
I hoped to contact customer services by email but I’ve been unable to log on despite using the correct password. I’ve requested another password but nothing appears to happen and on repeatedly checking my email there’s no new link to reset the password. This is disconcerting as no documents were posted to me. They’re all stored online. And I’m unable to access them!
I suppose I’m expected to pay another £1 to ‘sit in a queue’ then another £1 talking to customer service.
And I’m not confident that if I email autonet with the copies of the driving licences that I won’t receive more erroneous requests or be informed that my policy’s been cancelled.
I feel I’m being conned and messed about.
I’d feel happier if emails were acknowledged. That the information received was properly recorded – thus preventing repeated requests – and if the 10 pence a minute customer service phone lines were scrapped.

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22 June 2012

Reply from Autonet Insurance

Stephen, I would like to try and resolve your complaint and in the first instance I would like to offer you our sincere apologies.

We honestly do try and provide high standards of customer service and when, in instances such as this something has gone wrong we work hard to try and put things right.

With this in mind can i ask you to please email us at: Please include your preferred contact details and we will call you and try to resolve all of the issues you have highlighted.

As I said above we are sorry that you are unhappy with our service and we will do our utmost to ensure that your complaints are dealt with quickly.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Thomas Davies & Autonet Insurance

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