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LIARS...worst couriers I've ever had contact with.

3 attempted deliveries on their tracking... UTTER LIES, I was in the house each day and no card was ever left. Try contacting Hermes and NO CHANCE, they refer you back to the sender. I will never shop at ANY online site who uses Hermes as I don't like to gamble on wether I will receive the goods.
( and some other couriers have been pretty bad too! but not a patch on this shower of liars)

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T Mobile

Conning Bast*rds

got a call to see if I wanted a new contract, said no I was happy with what I had then found out that phone call to me had tied me in to a further 2 year contract of my current package, I never agreed to that. they said they had sent paperwork which most likely got dumped with all the other bullsh*t flyers they send me. A week later they put the price up on my package???????? as soon as I can I am leaving T Mobile never to go back!

City Link


A few days ago I was waiting on a very important package, I was in but strangely found a card saying I had missed a delivery attempt from City Link, I phoned the automated service (no other choice) and selected collecting from depot (50 mile round trip) next day, this was confirmed.
Next day got to depot to find out driver had just delivered package to a neighbours house, LIVID! I never gave permission for it to be left with a 3rd party even if I hadn't clearly instructed I would collect AND on a previous occasion was told that they would not leave with a neighbour as it was against City Link policy without sender's permission. Emailed to complain... never heard back!
Today day got another City Link card, called automated service to be told that they would not attempt a re-delivery and I had no other option than to collect, totally useless bunch of time/ fuel / patience wasters!

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