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Today the best online bank

I had since 4 years ago.

This is one of the best online bank I use since now.

Tecnically is one of the most cheaper account, pretty much all free, also the credit card!



Very fine!

It's work, it's like other similar services, you'll fly for less.

It have everything you expecting or need from a flight company generally for less.

Of course they don't have very many airports in the list, but if you are lucky you will fine your destination.



But it is really?

I try to use some time, never work at all.

I don't even know what this service have to be.



Not cheap but very safe, sure and professional

Flower looking like the picture, dimensions and time it's generally respect. I ship almost all over the world and every time work.

So I'm happy :)


Wonderful purchasing platform

It's one of the best place where you can buy stuff safe.

Nice return policy, kind customers service and fast service make this a one of the best website where buy.

If you check the price they are not the cheaper, but remember you get for what you pay and some time the cheaper service will not send to you the goods are you expecting.


A new list for the new humankind's selections

This is the new "big brother" control system.

The data of billion of people, personal info, political ideas, ages, religlions, etc. are filed in a single data base.

Maybe you can share messages and pictures, but you will share also your personal information. Cop, secret service, company, etc. already using facebook to find out information about a person. In case of war should be use for a fantastic genocide. Nazi, cecenian, africans, already did without, thinking how better will be using this system.

Be aware.


Wonderful service, start to become invasive

I would rate 5 but Google starting to change.

The old philosofy was - I give you this wonderful free service - now they add profiles and request and a little bit of self promotion.

The service still good, but is not so perfect as before. Personal information and time have a big value. I don't want give away any of them.


Only thing working is the feed back

Ebay it's a expensive windows. Obligated to pay fee for any kind of virtual service if you have to sell very cheap stuff ebay and paypal will make the real gain, you will just support them.

Paypal in ebay it's like a mafia connections. Togheter they take about 13% of the value of your stuff in a basic add. You can waive the fee, you can't abort paypal use, the rules make you obligate to use Paypal.

For the rest the service and the feature is similar that a lot other free service available on the net.

The streing of this service it's that almos everybody know it and this is why they use it.


Huge fee, lot of rules, but acceptable service.

It's oriented to the buyer not to the seller. Seller have a lot of duty and responsability. Paypal never risk something. The partership with Ebay is almost disgusting. But this is ebay side not paypal.

The fee are really huge, the service working, but the fee are really a problem.

Problems solving or the solution is almost all the time take from paypal side only. Deaf customer service think only due to their contract that looking like a book where you never obtain to discuss them. If you bring them in court they will pay attention and find different solution then.

They play and gain with your money, do you expect something different?


Little problem Great solutions

Pick up and drop services was perfect.
Our car was not available, so we get a free upgrade and extra services.
Beside a little problem we was completely satisfy.
One thing: the street direction will bring you in the AVIS parking and not the Dollars' one.

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