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Nice offers, plus cash back, but not as many restaurants as Just-Eat

I'll review HH in comparison to Just-Eat, the only alternative middle man for takeaways.

Hungry house's menu system is better in some instances.

HH do 25% off offers sometimes, and pay cash back through sites like Quidco.

HH doesn't accept the order live like JE does; you have to wait for an email.

Most importantly, HH only has two restaurants in our postcode (we live in County Durham); whereas JE has 10+.

The service has been good and I don't think we have too many complaints, but until the choice is more than two restaurants I don't think we can rate higher than three stars.


Edited the title, as I'd put "Hungry House" instead of Just-Eat when making the comparison.

Thanks for the reply too Hungry House. Glad to see the site is being used as it should.

30 July 2012

Reply from hungryhouse.co.uk

Hi David, Thanks for your feedback on our service. That's a fair point about there only being two restaurants in your area. We are adding more restaurants on a daily though so please stick with us and I'm confident that soon there will be a lot more choice in your area.



Have not even had a product with them, but still caused me trouble.

For a start, they are expensive, and don't put themselves on the comparison websites. However, a bigger problem for me was that through one of the companies under their insurance umbrella, they carry out credit checks when you ask for a quote through GoCompare.

This is just for a quote.

Against the credit record with Call Credit (Noddle), I had numerous entries from them, all labelled as 'Credit' checks.

There's a failure of both them and Call Credit to recognise that this is a problem. Another company looking at the record will see these entries and will think credit has been applied for, when it never has.

Noddle have even had to specifically name Aviva in their description of the complaint category that fits this, saying that because people have ticked the box allowing credit checks then they are allowed to do them in this case. I made the argument against, and eventually (although not admitting fault) they have said they will get them removed.


Never had an issue.

I've heard horror stories about Paypal.

Personally, I've never had an issue.

I much prefer using my Paypal account to receive small amounts of money from places such as reward sites where I don't want to give out other details.

Payments are simple, particularly for eBay (obviously).

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