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Consistently Brilliant

I moved from Tesco to ASDA in the last three years and so glad I did as I now do my weekly shop there and will never change from now on as my experience has always been perfect.

Great staff, very helpful, always clean and a great range of products.

Love the store


Getting Better at Customer Service

I've had a lot of technical problems with BT over the years and have sworn that I would leave them as I got so fed up of waiting for 40 mins+ for their customer service teams to answer my calls.

However in the last 12 months they seem to have improved considerably and I'm now inclined to stay with them for now but won't enter into any more contracts with them as that is the worst part of their business model.

I want to be able to get out of a contract after 12 months not 2 or 5 years as some of thier contracts seem to be

Overall they are not as bad as they used to be but because of how long it has taken them to get to this point then I'll wait a bit longer and reserve judgement for now before giving them any better than 3 stars


You Know what you get with Argos

Not the pretty of places but at least you know what you get with them and I have always had a consistent experience with all their stores I have visited over the years.

Fast, efficient and handle the busy Christmas times well. I will always use as I feel I know them well and know what I'll get from them


Great Food but way over-priced

I don't use them often as they are way over priced in my opinion. Having said that the food is always perfect and very very tasty and the service is quick

Its a shame about the prices though


Good Layout and Range of Goods

I like Curry's quite a lot as I get a good user experience wherever I visit them around the UK on my business travels. The staff are well presented and very very helpful and I like the info they give you with ever purchase as I feel confident that I know my rights should anything be wrong with the good.

In truth, I have never had to return anything as everything has always worked well but I know I can do should I ever have a problem

Good store in my opinion


Don't use a lot but like it when I do

I only visit when I have to for a couple of specific items but the place is clean, the staff are helpful and the goods are reasonably priced.

A good user experience in my opinion


Not bad but still don't trust

I have been mending a few computer internet connections for relatives who are on Talk Talk but although they weren't bad with the help they gave I still don't trust them until they have their own network throughout the UK and don't piggy-back off BT anymore


Boring Boring Boring

Poor stock, bad layout of their stores and tacky sales staff.

Now won't go in and won't use ever again


The only IT supplier in town

I have to rate them well as there isn't a lot of other suppliers that have a store that you can see the goods and talk to the staff for advice.

A bit pricy and a little limiting in their range but overall they my thumbs up


Solid Provider with Very Helpful Staff

I've been an Orange client now for over 10 years and have used other providers for work but never get the same high standard of consistent connectivity nad helpful ness of the customer service department as I do with Orange.

I give them 5 stars as I would recommend them to everyone and although I have had the odd problem from time to time over the years, on every occassion they have gone the extra mile to make things right and once even when it wasn't their fault.

A great company and worthy of all the success they enjoy.


Brilliant company for business marketing

If you do as Google asks you to then marketing on Google can pay dividends. We are all now very familiar with them and although I have given them 4 stars, in reality its more like 4.5 stars.

As a marketing company owner for small businesses then I recommend them to all my clients who take advantage and reap the rewards ten-fold


Limited choice but a fast service

If they offered other sized business cards than the 85mm x 55mm ones then I would have rated them higher. However, their service was very fast and although the cut of the cards wasn't consistently bang on as some of the rounded corners weren't really round, they never the less will get 4 stars from me.

I would recommend them to others and have done so already

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