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Avoid, Avoid, Avoid

Do not touch these Del Boys. Their prices may be competitive but that comes at a cost.

In a nutshell, I bought a hard drive for them and despite promising 2-3 day delivery didn't hear anything from them. The PIX & Me part of their website told me my package had been validated and was waiting for delivery.

But still nothing.

After more than a week I contacted them.

The item I had ordered was "temporarily out of stock", according to my Customer Care Agent; an agent that *cares* about his/her customer so much he/she has refused to give me his/her name.

He/she later admitted to me in an email "It takes some time for us to process the order and reserve the item in the warehouse."

Odd, I thought, given that it was due to be delivered within three days.

I asked for a refund and for my account to be cancelled. Even this was not straight forward.

To cancel my account they "require some form of ID".

Odd again, considering they did not need any ID for me to sign up.

Throughout, the main Pixmania website has maintained that my item is still in stock - meaning other would-be customers are too being lead up the garden path.

Simply don't shop with pixmania. As another reviewer said, spend the extra few quid with a company you can trust.

09 July 2012

Reply from www.pixmania.co.uk

Thank you for your review. I am sorry for the problems you had with your order and that it was out of stock. Should an item be out of stock an automatic email is normally sent at time of validation and I apologise that this was not the case.
Due to the European Ecommerce Guidelines, we will require the clients ID in order to delete their account. Please note that should you currently have any products with us, deleting your account will affect the warranty as we will have no record of your products or purchases with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact me directly on rachel@pixmania.com with your order details so that I may ensure that your refund is given immediately and that your account is deleted as requested.
Best Regards
Pixmania Mediator

Tyre Shopper

Easy. Efficient. Inexpensive.

I was recommended to the website by a friend and it really was as cheap and easy as she said. Thank you Tyre Shopper!

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