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We have been regularly shopping at our local co-op for years. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Their produce is sourced locally, in the UK or in a reasonable mileage making costs and pollution minimal. They do their best to support local farmers and traders. We have local produces sourced locally in our village co-op. The quality of their products is second to none, fairly priced and often offered at reduced prices. Over the years it seems that the co-operative has been able to keep to its resolutions, its purposes and is delivering on its promises to its members.
Sadly, depending on their location, not all co-op are as clean and neat as they should be so improvements need to be made. However our local store and its staff are great!


A place I wouldn't be seen dead in

That what Tesco used to be. Truly, it is now back to its origins. Look for the 'bargain buys' style buy one for £1.50 2 for £3.00, bigger packs: lesser value, grown in the UK vegetables via imported sources, and carbon 'bigfoot' print style products your clubcard points will acquire. Less is more, helps very little...

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oogla googla google!

You are the best so please stay that way!


Going going going down....

I used to love Ebay as it was a free market where people were able to roam freely, walking by trust, selling by trust and buying with trust. Sadly Ebay is now becoming a rule-monger not so free-market where the private seller is squeezed out by so many labels and starring systems that it is now becoming such a chore to sell anything that I can't be bothered any more and rather give all my surplus to the local charity shop. Good for local charity I say, who may I add used to sell on Ebay too, but also gave up since they cannot be bothered either due to the ever-increasing amount of rules and starring system, my goodness it's not Ebay it's the milky-way!


Paypal, a trustworthy way to pay online

I have been registered with Paypal banking now for about 6 years and I find this method of payment online as one of the most reliable. In fact I would avoid any site that does not accept this way of payment, considering it not worthy of my e-trust.
There has yet not been a time when Paypal has let me down and I do hope this will carry on. This I cannot say of other banking systems.
So all thumb up to Paypal!


Evaq8 providing for your survival!

We really think here that Evaq8 is the place to get all what you need for your emergency packs. We followed the advice we received to put together a grab-bag in case of an emergency and we found all we needed from Evaq8. Their prices were more than reasonable, their pre-pack kits gave us ideas so we could get more prepared that we initially intended, it was easy to place an order and we had the choice to either pay via paypal, over the telephone or by mail. Our order was dispatched the next day. We have told our friends and family about Evaq8, their products and quality of services reminding everyone that in case of an emergency evacuation, survival depends of the quality of what is in their go-bag, so it is vital to chose a supplier who provide products of the best quality. We feel that Evaq8 fits that category just fine!

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