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In breach of T&C

I purchased (02/03/13) two tickets for PSG v Montpellier,event date 30/03/13 at time of purchase.

In carrying out last minute checks TODAY I found out myself that match has since been moved to 29/03/13 (tomorrow), a date I cannot make.

Viagogo site clearly states "If anything like a cancellation or postponement occurs, we would of course contact you to give you full details of what happens next."

I have never received any such notice from Viagogo.

After a brief and unhelpful email exchange in which Viagogo confirmed new date and tickets available to collect at venue, the company closed by stating it remains the buyer's responsibility to track event and refunds only offered for cancellation. Having eventually found a phone number (via search engine as Viagogo do not offer any number on their site that lets you speak to someone!) a half hour premium rate call merely confirmed that I had the obligation to resell if I could not attend a reschedule date. The fact that event is brought forward, NOT postponed and leaving me no opportunity to resell cut no ice with customer adviser.

Viagogo freely admit they failed to notify me of date move, yet will not refund as event not cancelled. I believe my contract is with Viagogo (they also admit they currently hold funds and only credit seller after the event) so I have no recourse to claim back from seller or from PSG direct. The argument that Viagogo should refund me and advise seller to claim refund from PSG also fell on deaf ears.

I currently await a promised call from management, and will post any updates. I'll gladly re-score if they can provide customer service expected (I really didn't expect this hassle on top of missing trip promised to son not to mention travel/accommodation costs lost) but at time of writing I'm furious with their stance, attitude and general shrugging off the problem as mine.

I'm also acutely aware that claiming refunds after the event (< 24 hours away) may prove difficult if not impossible. Will also contact PSG directly to seek their view as whichever way you dress it up refunds are legally due where a published event date changes. Hopefully they will also agree they do not want their name associated with this petty and unhelpful company.

All advices welcome.

Updated 10/06:-

Having declined Viagogo attempt to offer me credit against another purchase (refund flatly refused), which to my mind amounted to admission of guilt, I abandoned attempts to reason with the intransigent customer support/managers and alerted my credit card dispute team.

To cut a long story short, after the requisite 45 days for Viagogo own legal team to respond to manual chargeback there was no challenge so I have received full refund direct from my credit card, and advice that Viagogo now become subject to significant fines as a consequence.

I've no idea if their legal team accepted the fault, or if they failed to notice the chargeback, but either way I'm satisfied with outcome and won't lose any sleep over their fine. Also won't be using ever again or holding back from advising others of my experiences.

So, the company loses reputation, custom and its own money, all for the sake of keeping a customer happy and treating fairly. Great business model.

Good luck to anyone else who wants to mount a similar challenge.

02 April 2013

Reply from Viagogo

Hi Keith,

viagogo is an online ticket marketplace that enables people to buy and sell tickets to live events. We are not the event organisers, so while we do everything we can to keep our customers informed of changes to event dates and times, occasionally we are not aware that a change has occurred.

As per our terms and conditions we cannot issue a refund due to changes in the event date.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The viagogo team.

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