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Flawed matrix - not monitored - No understanding of business

Point 1 - Users who provide a 4 star GOOD review actually results in your overall score being DOWNGRADED. Matirx should be 4 stars neutral, 5 stars increases your score and 3,2,1 downgrades. Most users expect a decent business to provide a fast service. The days of next day delivery after despatch being a "wow" factor is over. All decent retailers can do this now and it is now expected. So to get a 5 star review based on user getting an item super quick is harder as we, as good retailers do this in our sleep.
Trustpilot should accept this and in some ways take some accolades for it, as they have helped true retailers raise the game but to punish the retailer with a reduction in score for being GOOD is stupid.

Trustpilot uses a system to allow retailers to request a review guideline and in the interim period not show the review.
THIS IS FLAWED beyond belief.
a.) IF THE REVIEW has the slightest mention of a service complaint, the review stands, even if it is illegal or just wrong.
We have exmaples , albeit few, of low reviews for products we do not or have ever sold..
How does this end up on Trustpilot?
In our case we did supply the reviewer with goods, but the user obvoulsy ordered something else from elsewhere and got mixed up. No problem we thought., We submitted the review for evaluation and explained that we do not sell that product and suggested the above scenario. They came straight back and said the user provided an order number and the review stands.
Well he would have had one from us, and one form the other supplier.
But there is NO COMMON SENSE in Trustpilot. There lack of business understanding means they cannot get their heads around what can sometimes happen in business.

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11 February 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your feedback.

A general answer to your 3 points is that Trustpilot is a user-driven community, where consumers can review a company as long as they have a buying experience to share. The actual content in the review is the reviewer's perception of the experience with the business.
If you feel the information in the review is not right, I'd recommend to write a public answer on behalf of your company. By doing so other consumers doing online research can see both sides of the story.

It seems like you are well aware of our review guidelines and how reviews can be reported. Besides from investigating reviews for possible infringement of the guidelines we also have lots of processes running that constantly scan for suspicious reviews based on a vast number of parameters. You can read more about it here:

A comment to the scoring and how users rate: First of all, a rating is a personal evaluation from each customer. It may not always be fair, but some companies use this as an opportunity to get in touch with all their customers to learn how their level of service can move from "good" to "outstanding".
If you have a very high average rating it is possible that a 4-star rating can lower the overall rating slightly. Another explanation can be that reviews loose value over time. You can read more about calculation of the scoring algorithm here:

I hope the answers are useful.

Joakim Ditlev

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