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UK Mail

Cheap for a reason, absolutely no customer support, pay an extra £1 and use other courier service that answers the phone and doesn't make excuses!

Trying to redirect a parcel the same day it was collected. Called the 0845 number and nobody answered for over 30 mins, tried a gain for another 45 mins later in the day still no answer. Googled the address of the depot and got the local 0161 number, they answered almost immediately, listened to my predicament and took details of the parcel. Put on hold for 5 minutes while they "attempted to locate my parcel" only to be told "nothing they could do as their systems have been down for 48 hours". Understanding that redirecting maybe proving a problem, asked if they could stop the parcel (a piece of cake to most couriers if contacted the same day as collection) only to be told that there was "nothing they could do as i was speaking to someone in Birmingham (the opposite end of the M6 motorway from the area code i had dialed) and that they only deal with mobile phones"??!!

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