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This is not a reputable company!

We took possession of a bed from Paul Simon in March. Went away on holiday for 2 weeks, when we got back and were sleeping on the bed for awhile we noticed we seemed to be falling out of bed. After about a month of this we lifted the mattress up to see what was going on and noticed dampness and staining to our brand new mattress! We also noticed that the sides of the bed were warped. We went in to complain to the staff at Paul Simon and they gave us the run around for a couple of weeks about showing up to investigate our complaint. When they finally showed up and took pictures and sent off their findings to the company, we got a letter back stating that the bed was warped due to us sweating on it! Not only is that offensive to us and not true, a bed that can't even stand up to sweat is not fit for purpose! Upon further investigation I have found that beneath the liner, there was all sorts of mold growing and cobwebs! They took a frame that was left outside to get wet and moldy and covered with filth to be reconditoned with new lining etc to cover it up all up and passed off as new! They don't seem to care that this bed has made us sick for the past 3 months sleeping on it. Has ruined our brand new mattress because now mold has started growing on the underside of our mattress. We are now having to take this shoddy company to court to get satisfaction since they will not admit to any fault but just blame the consumer. I'm enclosing photographs to show the next unwary customer what they may have to face if doing business with Paul Simon!

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