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Bad On-Line Cancellation

Cancelling on-line with Walmart is a pain in the togus!

There is no cancellation button...even though they claim there is one.

They charge your account immediately...even though they say they won't until shipped.

They claim you can cancel before they ship, but you cannot.

They cannot guarantee a cancellation, even if not shipped.

Walmart may have great stores...but their on-line site is predatory


Stay Away from this Total and Complete Scam Outfit. Most likely they'll steal your ID.

This company is a complete scam. They take your VISA card info for verification, promising not to charge for a 5 days FREE trial, but you'll soon find out (within one day) that they actually charged you.

I called to cancel by phone...was still charged, even though their customer service rep. lied through her teeth.

Pay no attention to their mesage, "please casll to resolve any problems you may have," for that is another complete scam on top of a scam.

I cancelled my credit card, because they are, in my opinion, a ID theft company.

These folks are crooks, do not trust them. If you signed up with your ID, cancel your ID, for surely your ID will be stolen.

Incidentally, their on-line movie All junk movies.

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