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Let's Ignore Our Customers!!!

What a shower! Had the need to send this email to customer services this afternoon. Needless to say I will NEVER use Jessops for my photographic requirements.

Dear Sir / Madam,
My wife and I had the complete misfortune to decide to enter your Truro branch on Tuesday 26th June, at about 1.15pm, with the intention of purchasing a Nikon D3100.We entered the store and noted that there were 3 staff, all neatly attired in their Jessop uniforms, on the shop floor. The male member of staff was attending to a customer; however, the two female members of staff weren't engaged with any other customers. One was near the rear of the store, close to the till pottering about whilst the other was on the left hand side of the store seemingly unengaged in anything of any purpose.
We went straight to the camera of our desire and spent the best part of 10 minutes examining our intended purchase. During that time not one member of the branch's staff approached to inquire if we required any assistance or advice. This puzzled us to say the least but what really and truly irked us to the point of offensiveness and rudeness was that not one but two customers, who walked in to the store after us, were attended to by the female members of staff!!!!!! Unbelievably one of the customers, a gentleman, was stood no more than two feet to our right! To say we were gobsmacked at this is a complete understatement.
We value customer service very highly and when things go smoothly we believe in positive feedback. Conversely though when things are not to our satisfaction then we will, equally, pass comment.We found that being completely overlooked, for no apparent reason, by your staff to be distasteful in the extreme. We felt totally unvalued as a potential customer and completely disregarded; in fact we're still feeling enraged by the entire experience. We couldn't have made it any clearer that we were interested in this particular camera, we were stood by it for long enough and both of us had the display model in our hands as well!!!!
We now feel 100% offended that our custom was deemed by your staff to be not worthy of their attentions. We had the cash to make the purchase but the inactions of those on the shop floor this afternoon ensured that the afforemention pound signs remained in our pocket and accompanied ourselves out of the door we had the misfortune to walk through some 10 minutes previously.
We can categorically state that we will NEVER use Jessops ever again for any of our photographic requirements because of our poor experience of this afternoon!!! Out of principal we will now do our best to share our negative experience with as many people as possible via as many medias as possible.
Not only were we looking to purchase the camera but the ancillary items such as a memory card, camera bag, tripod and shutter release cable today. In a few months' time we were looking seriously into investing in an 18-270mm Tamron lens. Congratulations to you as a company if you can pass up on nearly £1000 worth of business in these tough economical times.
As a last note we have now purchased our Nikon D3100 from a local independant photographic store who offered a good deal with excellent, friendly customer service; something, based upon our experience, that the staff in your Truro branch are completely incapable of doing!
Yours in complete disgust,

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