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Good Prices

The selection is great, prices are good but the shipping is a bit high overall. Plus, my shipping even increased by $5 more due to the so-called "free samples" they included.


Timeline Sucks

Timeline - Why do they force this upon it's users??? WHY?


Horrible way to buy/sell

Back in it's beginnings, Ebay was pretty cool. Then it fostered such an artificial market with unrealistic prices and hence, such restrictive guidelines that it became a nightmare to use. The fees are cleverly designed to siphon off much of a sellers profit, etc... USE CRAIGSLIST whenever possible!


Solid site - Vast choices

The secuirty of the site is great, product choices virtually unlimited but I'm not happy with their attempt to monopolize the e-book market. That's why I bought a Nook-color instead of a Kindle.



I never had such a difficult time trying to send payments anywhere, to anyone at all, as I have with Paypal. It's cumbersome and heaven forbid that you should ever need your own funds back in your own bank account quickly - GOOD LUCK with that!


Secure email

Without question, the most spam-free email service I have ever used since Al Gore gave all of us the internet.

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