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Best ecigg company there is

I smoked for nearly 30 years and could not stop till I tried vaping 2 years ago, My wife vapes a lot, but still smokes arround me, and I never feel like having one or that I miss it.

I get most of my gear from ecig wizard, there prices are about the best out there (dont forget the loyalty points system that further reduces price) and there service is top notch. If there is a faulty item, they will replace it without any problems.


best scam ever

this is a great scam, I wish I had thought of it (not really), clone websites with the local countrys flag on it, and local prices, but ship from hongkong anyway.
Then what you do is post out the cheap orders like a few pounds, but if you get a decent order, like 20 pound or so, keep the money and dont send the goods, its easy to string them on for 28 days, saying it will get there eventually, then finally, you offer to reship, but that will take 28 days too, and by the time you realise that you have been robbed, its past the 45 day paypal protection, your scammed and there quids in.

Of course there are many satisfied customers, of small amounts, if they were out and out just robbing people it wouldnt be a good scam would it. They even give out fake tracking numbers that if you go to hong kong post, just asks for another number that you dont have.

If on the other hand, you get lucky and your credit card/ pay pal refunds you, at least they had a month or twos intrest and it didnt cost them a thing...

The plot thickens, its 3 weeks later and the parcel has now arrived, ofcourse thats 2 weeks after I filed a claim with paypal, 2 weeks to send a parcel from hongkong, and convieniently hongkong post dont date there parcells. I suspect what goes on here, is that they try to get people past the 45 day dead line, but if they fail, they post the goods after you make a claim, it takes paypal 3 weeks or so to deal with the complaint, by which time you have your parcel. Because, believe it or not, hongkong post is actually pretty damn quick, and it usually arrives in 7-14 days.

The moral of this story is, dont listen to them, if your parcel has not arrived in 14 days, make a dispute on paypal, if its not there by 21 days, ask for a refund, your item will arrive in 14 days of you esculating. Or if you cant be bothered with the hassel, just dont buy from them.

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