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Scan Computers

Would be 5 stars but DPD (delivery firm) let them down.

Very nice, comprehensive website layout. competitive prices. Bought about £650 worth of components from them. Very much liked the e-mail services they provide where they keep you briefed with your parcels steady progress to your door. Things, however, went very wrong when DPD (delivery company) became involved. Long story short, now on my third day booked off work to (hopefully) receive parcel today. 1st day I watched them drive straight passed my house without stopping then received an email saying I wasn't home, 2nd day they lost/had package stolen so only delivered 1 of 2 and now I am on third day awaiting. I'd like to point out that Scan contacted me and were very good. They refunded my 'carriage' fee and their representatives I spoke to were very apologetic and immediately on the case and had a new parcel sent out which I now await from the dreaded DPD. I see other peoples reviews here saying the same thing as myself, that Scan are great but seriously let down by their choice of delivery company. You can see DPD's terrible record on this website. I would happily pay a little more carriage fee for a more reputable delivery company to undertake my delivery. Time for a change of delivery comany?


Tomorrow will be third day off work awaiting parcel.

Booked Monday off work to await my 2 much anticipated parcels being couriered by DPD. Time slot 16:59-17:59. 17:43 hear a van's engine (quiet street) go to window to see a white van with the red DPD logo go straight passed my house. I run into street and wait 5 mins, thinking, stupidly, that the driver will turn around, once realising his mistake, and return. 5 mins go by and my phone beeps with an email alert. My heart sinks as i read; 'DPD tried to deliver your parcel today but no-one was in to sign/ accept ......(you can see where I'm going). I run back in, jump on PC and try to find a number to call to have the driver turn round. 20 increasingly frustrating minutes later; nothing. There is, however, a space on their website where I can type in the number left on the card to track parcel, hell, I even would have gone and picked up from their depot, but sadly NO CARD, even though i have been email to say a driver had knocked and left a card ( at this point i'll add i went to the next street down and knock same number to see if he had made a mistake with the streets, but no). I email the sellers to tell them exactly what happened and book a SECOND day off work. 7.54 am today I am emailed, great news! the vendor has been onto DPD and i will have my parcel delivered today, 13:41 - 14:41. Hurray!! Sometime during the morning, however, I am phoned by the vendor to say 'they have some good news and bad news' (oh no!) Only one parcel will be delivered today because the other was stolen overnight! /facepalm. 14:20 today lonely single parcel turns up, I say to the driver, whats going on with your company? When i told him what had happened he just shrugged his shoulders and let out a little laugh. 20:30 this evening i recieve a mail from DPD, no time slot yet but it will be delivered tomorrow. So, booked THIRD day off work, pushed chair up to window, blanket, thermos of coffee, 6 pack of Wotsits to see me through the night and here i sit, faced pressed up to window waiting. This time maybe.... just maybe... if only i can get out the door fast enough. Although to be fair, the vendor did refund my £3.99 delivery charge...... if only i hadn't blown it on Wotsits....

28 June 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Anthony,

Sorry to hear you've had problems and apologies for the inconvenience.

Could you please email us your consignment number and contact phone number here:

Hope we can get this sorted.

Kind Regards,

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