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not worth it's rep

had an iphone, it sucked. loved the aps, the phone was poor quality, and it locked up in less than two years. had an ipod, used it maybe four times in two years when it became a paperweight. thanks to those experiences, i will never own an apple/mac product.



best resource out there



like my iphone and my ipod, crashed within a couple years. always would delete songs/information or duplicate them.


worked pretty good

had a long distance relationship going for a few months, we communicated on skype through facebook. it was pretty reliable and great to realize that technology let my man meow to my cats from 1200 miles away


the search is pretty good

but that's about it. it often brings up completely unrelated stuff, but i guess that's part of the overflowing interweb. i do really hate the fact that the company supports anti access radical groups.


usually have an awesome experience

i've bought a bunch and only a couple of times have i been disappointed by third party vendors. usually able to find a great deal and often find what i'm looking for.


great pricing, quick service, brand names

ordered a luk clutch for a 69 impala with a 283, the clutch was $30-60 cheaper than anywhere else and was on my door within a week. very pleased.

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