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Poor Customer Service

I ordered a product off the website in strawberry flavour, and what I received was strawberry & cream. They do strawberry flavour, but not for this product, and the flavour was just listed incorrectly on the website. Their fault, but no big deal.

Their customer services didn't care though, they still haven't changed the site and I still have the flavour I didn't want; it tastes like arse.

They weren't rude, just didn't do their job, and I shan't be buying from them again.



I ordered some magnets late yesterday, and they arrived this morning. Incredibly quick dispatch, packaged far better than expected (lots of padding), item is extremely good quality.

Will use again.



Absolutely brilliant. If it's a good price here, get it here.

They are great for returns. I've returned an electrical item a long time after I bought it, without a receipt (just the card I bought it with), and they refunded me no questions asked. I know I can buy from here with confidence.

Only have good things to say

I've bought plenty of components from ebuyer, and always had a good experience.

Occasionally you can find things cheaper, but I normally will go with ebuyer anyway as I trust them (ahem, overclockers....).

06 August 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your positive review and comments.

I am very pleased to hear you normally shop with Ebuyer and hope this continues into the future.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

Overclockers UK

Buy at your own risk

Lots of people have good experiences with this company, but when things go wrong they want nothing to do with it, and refuse refunds.

I've ordered a cpu from them because their price was really really good, and everything went fine.

I've also had a wireless card come that didn't work and they didn't reply to my emails. After calling they basically refused to either refund or replace, and were incredibly rude. Got the money back through the credit card company instead. Though, this was a long time ago, and I' haven't used them since.

27 November 2012

Reply from

Dear Matthew, I can find the CPU order you have mentioned, but am unable to find any order of yours containing a wireless card. When exactly was this? With major changes to our service policy in February of this year, I am looking at past orders which have not gone smoothly, but cannot find yours. Please contact us to let us know!

Monster Supplements

Great Prices, but a lot of marketing BS and lies.

It's where I shop for protein, as their prices are great. Many of the items come with free gifts such as protein shakers and tester packs. Delivery is also great. In this area I'd give them 5 stars.

However, be wary of some the marketing stuff they do, and things they put in the descriptions. An example is something called methoxy-7-test which they claim boosts testosterone levels and recovery/performance. I found zero evidence that it does this, and found a few scientific papers to the contrary. However when asked about this I got no reply and my comments weren't approved for the site. There are other examples too.

Basically, use it as a shop by all means, where you go to it knowing what you want. I wouldn't recommend going to it and trying to work out what you want, as they push certain products (e.g. PhD Supplements) very hard, some of which have no evidence they do anything.


Best UK Option is definitely the best option for buying weight training equipment in the UK that I have found. I have ordered things from plenty of companies, and this site really impressed me.

\\ I ordered on a monday, they immediately sent the order and it arrived the next day.

\\ Everything was very well packaged

\\ Price. They have the best prices I've found. A lot of this is because they've sourced stuff and put their own brand on it. Things like their wrist wraps are as far as I can tell identical to some of the expensive brands, and no quality is compromised.

\\Products. They have great products, the standard stuff as well as things that are difficult to find elsewhere; prowlers (which are hard to find well priced), strongman logs (including an actual wooden log), 50kg iron plates, impossibly heavy dumbells, etc, etc.

\\ Customer service. Brilliant! I contacted them and needed some advice, and they gave me great, honest advice. Responded very quickly every time I contacted them too.

I will shop here again.

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