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Lots of Fake Reviews

I have been doing a lot of research about fake reviews. See this article too - [link]

I have also reported the fake reviews to Trustpilot and within minutes the reported review appears back on the site.

Who is Policing this company. ????

The system is totally flawed and they will not even look at their own reviews as they are all clearly fake.

Set up a review site. Post Good Fake reviews. Anyone reports fake reviews about Trustpilot. Nothing will be done.

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29 June 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your review.

Fake reviews is an important matter to us and we spend a lot of resources making life harder for the few companies who wants to game our system. We have a team of community supporters doing nothing but handling reported reviews, in order to improve overall quality on Trustpilot.

We recently changed the registration process to make it more difficult to let a single user create multiple profiles. We also have a lot of automatic processes in place, so we get alerts if we see suspicious behaviour in order for us to investigate further and take actions.

I'm surprised to hear that reviews you have reported have gone back within minutes. We look into every review being reported and it's simply not possible to investigate that fast.

Joakim Ditlev

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