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Terrible fish care

Bought fish from Seapets.. get home... take a quick look and they have white spots on them, one tetra appears to have an open wound on it too. All fish died within four days. Utterly atrocious.

Will never buy fish from Seapets again, they should be ashamed for selling such fish to start with. Not only is it a breach of consumer laws to do so (fish that are ill and die almost immediately are hardly goods of serviceable quality) but it's very cruel on the fish. You wouldn't treat a hamster having it extremely ill let alone selling it so why on earth is it considered acceptable to treat fish that way let alone a supposedly specialist fish shop.

I've bought hundreds of pounds worth of equipment from there in the past and will never do so again.

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Another 1 star review...

Well I waited in for this, I actually paid extra so it would be delivered WHEN it was supposed to and decided to take half a day off work. The driver has made no attempt to deliver it here. I have checked with the neighbours who haven't received it, and I just asked the builder who is working on the flat next door whether he had seen a delivery van and got a negative reply. There is no card that has been posted through the letter box, and yet the parcel is marked as "Your parcel has been delivered, signed for by POSTED". Perhaps the delivery man missed the big fat number 20 above the door that is over 18 inches tall in blue glass. I have also checked to make sure it isn't outside.

This level of service, if you can call it that as you haven't actually provided me with any service, is unacceptable.

28 June 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi James,
Sorry to hear this.
Could you please email us your consignment number and contact phone number:
Kind Regards,

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