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Do not buy from this company. They promise the earth and deliver zero.
The beds are cheaply made and marked up to 5 times their value and then reduced by half. Which means you are still paying twice as much as you should. Then when you have an issue you are told by the store that you purchased it from that you need to call a premium rate number. Which then you are in a qeue to be answered. ( 13 minutes was my qiuckest answer) after 28 phone calls. And then you are always treated so badly. The tele staff are rude and have no idea how to deal with you. You then face the problem of being promised a call back when a manager is free. Which you wait 9 days for. I have been in dispute with this company for 12 weeks.This company should not even be allowed to trade. Even the delivery staff who collected 2 faulty beds from me informed me that dreams have been bought out and there quality has gone dramatically down hill as all they want to do is buy cheap and sell expensive. I wish i had read reviews before i even walked through their door. Just google any reviews on dreams and tell me if all the unhappy customers can be that wrong the answer is no. STAY AWAY OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.LIKE THOUSANDS OF OTHERS HAVE I PROMISE

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