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Easy to search for info on topics and g-mail is easy to use.

I like to use google.com to search for just about anything. I also like their e-mail service and have had no problems with it.


Great way to get rid of old stuff and make money doing it.

I use ebay to buy products for the cheapest prices. I use there systems to make sure I buy from proven sellers I can trust.

I also use ebay to sell off unwanted stuff that you cannot find a buyer for locally. You can even sell to the entire world if you want to deal with the challenges of selling to international buyers. The selling applications make it much more easy to list and sell.

The selling rates are reasonable but there a few things I wish they did differently such as free relisting if items don't sell. The shipping rates/cost they have for items are off or to low because they don't included the weight of the packaging, so you need to manually input the weight to be accurate.

Overall ebay is a good service that helps sell and buy items you can't do locally.


Good service to send and receive payments for your online purchases and sales.

Paypal is so easy to use and that is the most appealing thing they offer. They also offer some services to protect buyers and seller up to a certain amount.

I would have given 5 stars but not everyone offers paypal and paypal limits the use of there services to certain products and services. You also cannot have access to your money right away as a seller until everything clears.


Great service I use to find the best deals on products!

I use Amazon.com to find the best price for products I want. The website is very easy to use and allows me to narrow down the best companies with the best deal.

Amazon.com also lets me know about sites and companies I never knew about before I started searching for the best deal.


Best value and selection every time!

I have had great experience using these guys. I try to do the competitor pricing discount option but these guys are usually lower or close in price to the other supplement companies.

Shipping speed is decent given the fact that they have to pull product from many different departments to fill my order.

Keep up the good work and supplementwarehouse.com will keep my business.

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