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Crap - avoid with a barge pole

Firstly we were impressed with the photos he did when we saw him at the Brentwood wedding fair. But when we tried to book our test shots in with him it took a MONTH to try and get him to arrange a date. Every time my wife or I rang him he would blame the other one of us saying we didn't ring/text/email him.
When we did finally get him to do our test shots we didn't even get to see them. He complained about the website not working although he managed to upload two other couples photos absolutely fine!
He told us during the test that the photos we wanted to capture 'we would have loads of time and should be no problem'
We also ave him our list of photos.
On the day he first said he didn't have the sheet as we never gave him one! We had to give him our copy. Then at the venue he decided that he would move our cake stand holding 20 cupcakes and as he did so he stood on the table cloth and KNOCKED OVER OUR CAKES! Then he was such a state that the venue organiser said it was going to be a toss up who was going to cry first my wife or him! This caused him to lose focus and we ended up missing two or three shots from our list we wanted.
Then he originally said he would be able to post the DVD of the photos through our door by the time we returned from holiday. We returned but no DVD we said to him and he eventually said it would be the Friday, then the Saturday and that evening he said he was going to drop it in, we get home and surprise no DVD! I text him Sunday morning and without any reply saying why he didn't get deliver Saturday we return home and find it in our door.
Then we order some really nice canvas prints blown up. They turn up and we notice there are crap imperfections on the photos. Out of 4 we had blown up there was one with what looks like a thumb print on the lens and two photos have white dots on them. Not noticeable at small sizes but at this size they are huge. It takes a minute to resolve the errors with the photos. Because of his shoddy post processing it has cost us £150 plus also missing some photos on our wedding day - £priceless!
Basically if you want to have to chase him up and then fix your own photos then this is the guy for you. Alternatively for this cost buy yourself a big camera and you can cut out the middle man! We are both seriously not impressed. You have been warned.

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