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Failure to launch but all systems go in the end.

Large second-hand supermarket with a huge choice of ex-lease cars. They dispose of Lex Autolease cars which are owned by the Lloyds banking group.

Purchased a BMW 3 series from them recently. When I went to pick up the car there was an electrical fault which had been spotted on the test drive but was put down to a flat battery. As the car still had a full BMW warranty it was taken to BMW for repair. I was offered a full refund but thought I would see if BMW could fix the problem. I was given a courtesy car to get me home. Unfortunately, the next time I went to pick up the car the same thing happened. It went back to BMW but they failed to fix it again. At this point I was offered a refund but they had an identical make and model which had just come in which I purchased instead. I was given a good discount for my trouble and a full tank of fuel to cover my fuel costs.
I'm very pleased with my new car.
These problems could happen to any car and I was treated fairly and professionally by all the staff. I'm glad I was dealing with a good company and not a cowboy used car dealership.
I would go back in a couple of years to look for another car.


Not the sharpest!

I ordered a personalised knife from them a few months ago. I was extremely pleased with the knife when it arrived. It was perfectly engraved.
I wouldn't have normally ordered from this company as I don't find their prices to be particularly competitive but the company I normally use had no stock.
I placed my order and the money was taken immediately and the status of the order on their website changed to ordered. I was not concerened at first as I had allowed plenty of time for the order to arrive as it was for a family birthday present.
After about two weeks I had received nothing and looked on the website for a phone number but there isn't one which worried me. I then saw the reviews on this website which obviously worried me! I found a telephone number on this website in an old review. There was no answer so I left a message requesting a delivery date. The knife arrived the next day. The owner did phone me back as I left a message to say thank you. I explained that it would be helpful to give customers a delivery timescale and a landline and business address. He said that this would happen but that was six months ago and nothing has.
I have noticed in the past that the website closes for weeks at a time which seems strange. He has, however been in business for many years and I assume that he would not be allowed to continue trading for so long if there were problems.
Perhaps people who have had a bad experience are more likely to post reviews. I believe that the owners can comment on the reviews given so why has he never done so?
I think that he may not hold stock and may need to gather a few orders to place together to ensure a good price from his supplier.
I think that if you have ordered you will receive your knife eventually.
I wouldn't order from them again as I would rather pay a little more and order from a reliable source with a telephone number that is answered and not have the stress of waiting.
In future I will check this site and look for telephone numbers.

The Outdoor Shop Ltd

Camping comfort

I ordered a Multimat self-inflating camping mat. It was half the retail price which was a bargain. The postage was a little expensive at £5 (In my opinion) but when added to the price saving it was still an excellent deal.
I carried out my purchase online and the product is great so I cannot comment on customer service apart from the quick delivery. I'm sure as a retail business they would sort out any issues.
I would buy from them again.

Festive Lights

Light of my life!

Have used this company a few times and they've always been excellent.
When I did have a problem with a product they sent a replacement quickly and handled the complaint in a professional manner.
They always deliver items quickly. Some of their items can be expensive but it's your choice and you get what you pay for.

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