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Very poor customer relations.

I was with BT from when I first had a telephone fitted in 1960. I was taken seriously ill in December 2009 and whilst I was recuperating I asked about reducing my monthly payments so that I just retained my land line connection. I was told to wait until the next payment was due in January 2010. When I phoned I was informed that the offer was no longer available. I would have had to continue full payment although the phone was not in use. I had the line disconected and I was told the number could not be reserved and I qould have to pay a full connection fee if I wanted BT again. 50 years of loyalty apparently does not matter! Len Phelps.


Excellent in helping to sort out the problems with my laptops.

I cannot thank Justin, at Wolverhampton St John's Square, too much for the courtesy and help he gave me in repairing the problems on my laptops. He explained the issues clearly and answered all my questions very succinctly. Many thanks. Len Phelps.


Rather disatisfied with my recent experiencies.

I have only ever been with o2 both for my mobile and broadband. I had to disconect broadband when I ws seriously ill and not reconnected yet. Although I was seriously ill I had to travel 150 miles to return the unused o2 router. They would not wait until I felt well to travel. Now I have been notified last night at 21.20h, without warning that I have used my mobile to an excess of about £200.00 in the last 14 days. Surely a text message notifying me when I had used all my contract minutes would have helped?
At my age, 81, to find £200.00 and not be into contract minutes for another 14 days is very disconcerting as I have no other phone facilities than my mobile. Len Phelps.

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I find the products both food and non food of excellent value

I use both Aldi and Lidl and find that both companys are excellent value for money and the quality of their food and non food items are excellent.


Always find whatever I want using Amazon.

Whatwever I want to purchase Amazon never fails to provide me with a list of suppliers.


Extremely satified with theUSB 2.0 360 degree adapters.

I have problems getting my internet dongle into the USB ports on my laptops because it is too wide. The 360 degree adapter not only allows me to use my dongle with the other ports free for other accessories but alsow allows me to set it at any angle so it does not interfer in any way. It is an ideal item for my applications.Many thanks.

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