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R2Media- Is Anyone There?

I hired R2Media about 7 months ago because I wanted to increase the online presence of my business. They promised a money back guarantee, great service and guaranteed positioning of key words in top 10 of Google. I naively signed up, started my direct debit and put my trust in the company. BIG MISTAKE!

Firstly, I discovered that my debit card was being charged double the contracted rate for several months in a row.

Alarm bells went off when someone who also used R2media emailed me and asked whether my website ranking had slipped. I replied, 'no, everything's gone well so far apart from the over-charges.' A few weeks later, my rankings were down by 120%. Week after week, it got worse and worse despite R2media's promises of 'don't worry, it will go back up again.' I also received more emails from other companies who'd used their services and weren't impressed.

When my traffic was almost at zero a day (despite the fact that I do video marketing, guest posts, have a blog, strong social media accounts and more) I decided to look into the matter.

I called the company, sent emails, left messages but no one replied. Now my website is in the pits and I have no idea what to do. I finally got through to someone at R2Media after weeks of trying and guess what I was told? I need to spend a few hundred more in order for them to get my site in better position! What the heck have I been paying £66+ a month for? No explanation of why I was over-charged and no apology from them either.

I've wasted almost 1k with this company and my website is in worse condition than when I was doing SEO myself! Please avoid them and don't get conned like I did!

They've also recently changed the copy on their website so there's no mention of a money-back guarantee!

There customer service is pretty much non-existent. Don't waste your money and just AVOID R2MEDIA!


I would rate this company a 0 if I could! I placed an order for my businesses labels and despite paying for next day delivery, it took three weeks to arrive. Furthermore, they then sent me an email saying that if I wrote a positive review for them on my website/blog or trust pilot, I would receive a free £60 voucher. I placed the next order using the voucher back in April and guess what? It's almost July and I still haven't received the labels! I called so many times, send numerous emails- all of which were never replied to. When I called, it went to a foreign voicemail on most occasions. When I finally got through to them, they blamed me claiming that I was being impatient and that it had ONLY been a MONTH since I ordered. So a month is normal waiting time for this company? The fact remains that they have bribed their customers into giving positive reviews on Trust Pilot and other websites but have not delivered the products they promised. When I spoke to their staff on the phone, they were so, so ill-mannered and rude it was disgusting. They blamed everyone else (including myself and their other customers for placing orders) but themselves. Despite all of this, I tried to be patient with them and wait for weeks for my labels and have received such awful service that I feel it's crucial that other people research this company before buying from them. NEVER BUY FROM DISCOUNT BANNER PRINTING! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

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