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not happy at all

so yea ordered a 12 mnth xbox live membership yesterday morning and still not recieved done the verification thing still no luck tried to go on website today and guess what does not work wether i use chrome ie9 or mozilla on anyones comp yet al the other websites work so what is going on here then i would of been someone that would of bought constantly from them if the service worked and now i cant contact thern via website chat or email not even moneybookers there money merchant can access the site so how am i to get my code now someone please tell me i feek like ive just been conned out of my money worst thing it was for my lil bros bday present and now i have had to go out to the shops and buy another one as it was today so not only have lost on on £30 i aint got use for a code now admitedly i am willing to change my rating if they sort it out and may even go back on there if the explanation is good enoguh as to why teh internet site is down and why i have still had no correspondance----They got back to me i will be fair data centre down but it was too late bought another membership as i said was bros bday and needed it sooner i do accept the apology as i can see they have had pretty much nothing but good reviews i will use them again if i can be assured nothing will go wrong but thanks for actually replying it just seemed a bit dodgy to me a site i never used bought summin one day next day it not working and cant get hold of cust service but im sure its not the same for everyone so dont let me put you off going there

30 June 2012

Reply from Digisub

Hi Malika,

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our site. We will be back up as soon as possible and will get your code dispatched immediately.

Please accept our sincerest apologies.


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