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Best courier service

I believe they are the best courier service in England although they are very expensive. They deliver on time and within the hour, always so accurate and customer services can actually contact the driver!

02 July 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi S Carter,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review; I'm glad that you're a fan of our service :)

We feel we offer a great value service, given the innovations that we have bought to the market. For instance, we offer the industry-first, award-winning Predict Service and we also have an ultra-convenient mobile website.

If you ever need any assistance, or wish to discuss anything in further detail, please drop us an email to socialmedia@dpd.co.uk and I'll be happy to assist.

Kind regards,


Best ever

Best ever because if you don't like the item, you are free to return it. They also offer good value for money.


Violates privacy

Violates privacy and makes it harder by the day to customize for privacy. Shares your stuff without your permission so it is something you either love or hate.


Best search engine worst for privacy

Best search engine but worst for privacy because they monitor your every move by tagging your IP address for all their services including email.
They also launch new products and stop supporting them after a while.


Cheap but they loose stuff

Cheap service but they loose items or they get damaged on transits and customer services is not really that good.
They however do sometimes deliver.


Too many fakes

Cheaps stuff with majority being fake. eBay does not seem to be worried about this and I rarely use it to buy anything worth more than £10. The warranty is also bogus because after 45 days, you are left to the seller's mercy unless you paid by a credit card.
My suggestion is never pay for anything on eBay without a credit card. Never.


Great website

Safe, secure and items are not fakes. Customer support is brilliant and also good for warranty if you are a buyer.


A necessary evil

For a buyer, their service is great as it offers what I call the first layer of protection when things go wrong.
For a seller, it is a nightmare because I have my payments held for 25 days even though I have sent the item because of PayPal's new policy even though the item has been sent. Buyers also make claims when they have received the item increasing the chances of fraud.
A necessary evil.


You will spend more than what you paid for

If you buy an old DVD which has no demand for say £2.99, chances are you will receive it. If you buy an item on offer like Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 a few days ago for £2.99, you will face problems because the company will take your money and yet they will not have stock of the game because they sold more than they actually had. Sending emails to support will lead to no response unless you contact them on Twitter to complain because they do not like the bad publicity.
If that does not work, you will be forced to call them on their 0870 number which in turn will costs you more than the £2.99 you initially spend leaving you out of pocket. In the end, you will realise you actually spent £10 all together (phone calls, emails, your time etc) and it would have been better of buying from Amazon.
The company makes its money by making you call their 0870 number which you will have to in 70% of all cases where the item you purchased can be considered as a deal and on demand.
I ordered three weeks ago, I received no game and the company has apparently sent a refund back to the card. Overall, I have spent at least £20 in chasing this order than the initial £5 for my order. If you think about it, it is a good way of making money legally.
At the end of the day, it is your choice. As for me, once bitten twice shy.



I have seen so many positive reviews and I wonder if we are talking about the same company. I have had two claims still pending, one with 3 network which has taken over four months and does not seem to come to a conclusion even though I have been a customer with 3 for more than four months now. The claim status never seems to change and when it does, there seems to be "waiting for company" remark on the claim for months.
When it comes to paying out, I had a £0.50 claim with Search Lotto and though the status of the claim was "Paying out", Topcashback never actually paid out and I had to do the chasing even though they were paid the claim by search lotto a while back which seems Topcashback were earning the interest of the money they received while making me wait, I believe this to be the second means by which the company makes its money.
I am not happy and would advice anyone to take those positive reviews with a pinch of salt because two things are certain; you will wait for months and in the end, you may not even be paid out even though you have already bought the service through Topcash back unlike other schemes like Nectar where they pay within 28 days irrespective and there is no chasing up.
I want to make a purchase through Topcashback again but I am doing so with the knowledge that there s a 50% chance I will not be paid where the sum involved in the claim is more than £10.

In regards to Topcash back's response, it is absolute nonesense because if you contact them, your claim goes to the back of the queue and even if they respond, it does not change the fact that you have not been paid for your claim. I would suggest to anyone interested in listening, this is simply a scam where Top cashback get paid for the sale while you chase up and get nothing.
I have decided not to buy a phone from them and I will instead use Nectar which is 100% solid and you do not have to wait or chase back.

03 July 2012

Reply from Topcashback

Hi S Carter,

I am sorry to see that we have not yet been able to resolve your claim - if you feel this delay is getting excessive, then please do contact us via a 'support ticket' from your account and we will be able to see if there's anything further we can to speed it along a bit for you.

I hope that we will be able to resolve this for you soon.

Kind regards
Top Cashback Support

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